Sqealing With Delight- Project Update!

I could NOT wait to share these pics with you guys after seeing more progress at my biggest project (remember it here)!

I’m sorry, but the bulletin board made of the Chiang Mai Dragon in the pantry office is pretty freaking awesome, if I do say myself! Especially when paired with the adorable vintage chair my client found, had repainted and upholstered in a this graphic chocolate and white pattern….

Not to mention the absolutely BANANAS master bathroom. The light we picked for over the tub has yet to go in, but it looks amazing as is. I picked the sheer fabric pattern because it matched the adorable Suzanne Kasler chair we wanted for the vanity. It all came together absolutely perfectly.

 And this adorable celadon Ann Sacks tiled bathroom with linen and white striped sheer looks so fresh and crisp in the guest room.

And the piece de resistance– the custom Dessin Fournier lantern that took months and months to hand make that finally went in and makes me want to weep it is so beautiful.  It’s open and airy yet large and statement making! I die.

And there is so much more exciting stuff to come! I can barely sit still I’m so thrilled with how this home is turning out! :)


  1. It all looks so amazing Erin! I especially love the bathroom -looks stylishly serene! Can't wait to see the rest of it!! :)

  2. I long for the day when I'll have a client that will be able to afford Ann Sacks tile throughout their home. Looks great! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  3. congrats Erin!! Indeed it is so rewarding to jump up and down with joy when a room comes together and the client can finally see what you have envisioned for them!What a beautiful space! I would be more than happy to move into that bathroom the sheers are perfect!
    Nice work

  4. The bulletin board and the tile floors in the master bath are my faves. Although that chandelier is pretty baller also! (I can't believe I just said baller.) Hah. Job well done!

  5. This is coming along beautifully. I absolutely adore Kasler's quatrefoil chair and have been pining over it for months. I love how you tied the shape in with the sheers!

  6. I LOVE the master bath!!!!! Whose fabric did you use on the window? I have a bath with similar finishes and am looking for sheers. That fabric would work PERFECTLY!!!

  7. That bullitan board is absolutely GORGEOUS. And then the grey bathroom. Holy cow. Really great job!

  8. Love it all but especially the master bath! I have been looking all over for an image of a bathroom with three mirrors (1 for each sink and 1 for the vanity). Most just do 1 large mirror. I love it. Thanks again for sharing!

  9. AH! I love how luxurious, yet simple these bathrooms are! Way to go Erin, they are going in my inspiration binder!

  10. it's positively stunning. i couldn't love it more.

    any chance (pretty please) you'd let us know more about that killer school house fixture in the first couple of pictures?

    keep it coming. i drool over the details.

  11. What a beautiful job…stunning!
    Would you mind sharing the gray cabinetry color in the master bath?
    I can't wait to see the rest of the house!

  12. Love your blog, I subscribe to it and it comes right to my email inbox so I've never missed a posting. I just have to ask you what is the paint color in the master bathroom. I have been looking for a grey for my bathroom as well but everything I've found looks so dark!

  13. Fantastic job – you and your client make a great team! The master bath sheers are genius, and that Chiang Mai bulletin board – perfecto!!

  14. we're posting part of this project tomorrow!! its a timed post( around 830 pacific time) so check it out in your afternoon!!

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