Holidays & EntertainingNovember 24, 2009

A Holiday Table

When you own your own business, super short weeks like this are stressful rather than exciting. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is here and I have to leave tomorrow! I am so not ready! Good thing I’m not hosting, and leaving that task to my mom who always does it beautifully.  As inspiration for those who may be hosting, here are some gorgeous holiday table images to get you moving this morning!

Picture 78
Picture 54

Picture 64
Picture 22

Picture 35
Picture 37

Picture 41
Picture 67

Picture 65
Picture 66

This American Harvest table from Country Living is my favorite this year- love the mismatched vintage silverware, the deep blues and feathers!

Picture 71

Picture 70
Picture 79

Using words of thanks on glasses and tableclothes…

Picture 62
Picture 61

Make kids tables chic and fun with craft paper, drawn place mats and/or cut fringe edging!

Picture 68
Picture 76

Make leftovers enticing for guests to take with take out containers dressed up with ribbons and sticker labels!

Picture 69
Picture 59

Dress up the door with a fall inspired wreath to greet guests!

Picture 74
Picture 73

Off for two installations today (just in the nick of time for the holiday) then time to bake, pack and do one final yoga class to keep me zen during crazy family time. :)

images via Martha Stewart, Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens.

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