Design Crush: Kathryn Ireland

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Last week I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet Kathryn Ireland (no, not KATHY Ireland, much to the hubby’s dismay).  She came to Boston for a lecture and book signing for her new book Creating A Home and her PR people so kindly sent me the book to review and asked me to come! She was delightfully funny and charming (side note: for Xmas all I want is a British accent) and her book and new line of fabrics are too! The book focuses on her renovation of a magical Ojai, CA home she purchased (and recently sold to none other than the insanely lucky Reese Witherspoon!) It’s such a happy home with tons of bright colors, natural historic elements, entertaining space and lots of outdoor living as well (which I simply cannot get enough of). Can’t you picture sunset cocktails with tons of friends here?

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I am LOVING the bright, bold colors and prints of her new line of fabrics!

Picture 20 And speaking of Reese Witherspoon- not only does she get this house (for her WEEKENDS) and Jake Gyllenhaal, but she looked seriously fierce in these great outfits in this month’s InStyle. I love every single outfit- completely flawless in that “cool but not too trendy” way.   The best thing about this spread though is that they used off the rack clothes on her- shoes from Aldo and dresses that we all can get! Those are some smart people over there at In Style who keep their finger on the pulse of the public! As for Reese, if I didn’t love her, I’d hate her….

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  1. LOVE the den with the fireplace! Those fabrics are colorfully wonderful! And who doesn’t love a Southern belle like Reese! She is too cute!

  2. One of the many things I love about you is that you take a moment to point out that it’s not Kathy Ireland, but Kathryn Ireland. I saw this book yesterday on another blog, and thought the same thing! LOL!! I love how you feature actual pages from the book, and not only the book cover. LOVE!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. LOVE Kathryn Ireland! She is one of my favorites. I saw these pics of her house somewhere a while back, and loved it and started stalking pics of her stuff on the web. Then a few weeks later I saw pics of Reese’s house – minus some of the decorating that Kathryn had done – and I THOUGHT it looked familiar! Didn’t realize it was the exact same house – you are so on it! Love that nothing gets by you! ;) I find something new and awesome every time I am on this site.
    p.s. Have you (or any other commenters) been to Studio 534, which is the only local showroom listed on Kathryn’s website for her fabrics? OR do you know of anywhere else to get them locally? Thanks!

  4. I happened upon your blog, and i’m in love! I’ve read many of your previous posts, and they are a delight, can’t wait to read more!!

  5. Hi Erin, love your blog, it’s one of my daily go-to sites so congrats on all your success and recognition over the past year. Being a Torontonian, I totally agree with your thoughts on Canadian House & Home, it’s fab, but keep an eye out for Canada’s Style at Home, with a new editor Jane Francesco (formerly editor of now defunct Wish magazine and Suzanne Dimma’s former editor), she’s sure to take the mag in a more modern and eclectic direction. I was wondering if you could do a piece on beautiful coffee table books. With the holidays coming, I’d love to know what you recommend (i.e. interesting and beautiful?) as there are certain books I see designers using regularly (Tom Ford, Chanel, Natural Curiosities, etc). Thanks and keep inspiring us!

  6. Great blog, I check it every morning. I’ve seen that house before, it is really beautiful. Thanks for the Aldo shoutout, I am a buyer there and love to see fashionable people like yourself enjoy the line.

  7. Her bedroom with the four-poster and all the wonderful, colorful fabrics (not to mention that awesome, oversize floral artwork) is one of my all-time faves! Gotta love a designer who delights in humor, not taking herself too seriously, too. Cool you had a chance to meet her!

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