1. I’ve been a long time reader of Canadian House and Home (its one of a handful of shelter mags here in Canada) and must admit that while it’s always been good since the appointment 1 year ago of the new editor in chief Suzanne Dimma it’s really gotten a fresh more youthful feel which i LOVE. the past 12 issues have been, IMO, some of the best – definitely more of a domino vibe but still stuff for homeowners with classic tastes…

  2. Hi Erin
    So glad you like Canadian House and Home. I just got rid of boxes and boxes of back issues I have been collecting since I was in high school. Design is my passion!! I’m so glad I came across your blog. I really appreciate your style-especially your ability to successfully combine high and low finds. If you ever need any info on the Toronto design scene let me know. (This city has some amazing stuff)
    Thanks for making my morning coffee so much fun.

  3. How cool!!! I love CH&H, what a honor to be a part of a super stylish magazine. I’m sorry people were so critical of the 25 Most Stylish in the Globe. What a bunch of brats, it sounds like something my mother would say but it’s true: they’re just jealous. I thought it was actually more of an honor for the Globe than for you, including you in their pick of 25 makes them seem a lot hipper than I would have expected. The rooms you picked on CH&H were all great, I’ve admired many of them for a while. Congrats on all of your success and recognition, if I lived in the Boston area (and it was in my budget) I’d hire you in a second.

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