Fashion Friday: Caped Crusader

My friend/styling partner in crime has a good view on the cape trend: when done right it’s absolute perfection. When done wrong it’s an absolute train wreck (think Little Red Riding Hood). I have yet to buy one but keep eyeing them because they look so damn cozy (only problem, how do you carry a purse over your shoulder? Under the cape?) Regardless, this trend has been around and is sticking around.

Natalie Portman looks like sheer perfection here.  If you don’t like that style of cape try a sweater/knit version like on the Luca Luca runway.

Picture 9 Picture 2

Some others to try:

Obsessed with this Paul Smith one– the lining is delicious, the price not so much.

Picture 12

Anthropologie does it SO right.

Picture 14 Picture 13

Ann Taylor Loft for some plaid:

Picture 1

Simple, black and British– what could go wrong?

Picture 15

Old Navy’s gotten into it too!

Picture 16

Mod Cloth makes it looks beyond adorable:

Picture 3 Picture 4

Forever 21 makes a fitted jacket-like version:

Picture 10


  1. Love the Betty Jackson one! And I find it oddly hilarious that on the website they say that postal strikes will not affect the delivery of your order.

  2. Fashion Fridays are my fave! I think Natalie portman nails it! I actually own the F21 cape and it is adorable in person and looks much more high end than it is. I haven’t worn it yet b/c I’m not sure what to pair it with but this gave me some great ideas!

  3. oh wow! i’d never heard of mod cloth before and i’ve been on the site for the last 20 minutes looking at all their fab stuff. thanks for mentioning them – i’m in love!!!

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  5. WANT ONE! I love all the looks you’ve found. Natalie’s is probably the closest to my style, but I also love the Anthro version.

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