InspirationNovember 3, 2009

High Contrast

I really cannot believe it’s November already. Time is absolutely FLYING. Holiday decorations are going up at stores prematurely and my husband’s got X-mas carols on rotation on his iPod (he’s obsessed with X-mas).  The skies have been gloomy the past few days and I can’t help but be drawn to these high contrast pairings of deep dark colors with shots of bright white. It reminds me of the bleak white sky against dark branches of bare trees.

It’s not easy to create an interesting space using only black and white (or dark brown and white), but these rooms certainly dazzle my eyes!

Picture 28
Picture 22

Picture 19

Picture 1
Picture 3

Picture 5
Picture 7

Picture 2
Picture 4

Picture 6
Picture 27

Picture 12
Picture 10

Picture 10

Picture 31

Picture 12

Picture 29

Picture 13

Picture 14
Picture 17

Picture 26
Picture 20

Picture 24
Picture 41

images via DecorPad, Desire to Inspire, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Design New England, Brown Design.

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