Hot off the Presses.

Picture 6 Picture 5 I am beyond flattered that the Boston Globe named me one of the 25 Most Stylish Bostonians for 2009.  The spread hit the web last night and is in print today.  You can read the interview here and see the other stylish people chosen. In typical me fashion, I am my own worst critic and am critiquing these photos to death, saying “I wish I had done this…or that”. However,  I’m going to try to stop and just be super grateful for this AMAZING piece of press! The Globe has been so good to me this year, big high fives to them today. Picture 7

Top pic: dress by Club Monaco, belt by BCBG

Bottom pic: Dress by Milly


  1. I’m the same way about photos, but honestly, you look so great! Those dresses are amazing and you look gorgeous – love the hair! Congratulations.

  2. Congrats! When I opened the globe this morning and saw the article, I had a feeling you’d be on the list, and quite deservedly you are. Now, if I could only put some of your good advice to work on myself! I love the photos of you!

  3. Oh Erin, You look fantastic. So glamorous too. You deserve the mention… you are at humble, creative and real. That is why we come back again and again.

  4. So fabulous! totally the fairest of them all..(p.s. love the idea about incorporating self-“decorating” into your business. I’m often inspired by outfit translations into interior decor, esp. costume jewelry. So fun!)

  5. I swear i am beyond the same way about pics of myself — but in the words of Rachel Zoe – that second dress, I DIE! such a great photoshoot and a huge honor – congrats!!!!

  6. I was reading the paper this morning while eating my breakfast when I saw your picture! Congratulations! You look fabulous! Love the idea of combining interior design and fashion styling. Based on the photos of you I’ve seen, it’s a natural extension of your business.

  7. Laura B–thanks for telling me about the shoes!! I’m going to pair them just like erin with black tights and a purple sweater dress :-)

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