Inspired Dining.

I saw this dining room in atHome Magazine and fell madly in love with the chairs (which are antiques covered in a Robert Kime silk and then vinylized).  I also think the antiqued mirror with trellis overlay is so interesting but all I can think about is DUST! It would be a full time job to clean those little crevices and corners!

Picture 4

Picture 14 Picture 15

Picture 7 Picture 10 Room designed by Caccoma Interiors.

В интеренете нашел нужный web-сайт про направление тюль штори.


  1. Those chairs add such excitement to the room. I completely agree with the dusting comment. I could never handle living with that but it is gorgeous!

  2. DUST!! That is all I could see when I looked at the picture! Then I read your comment. Funny!

    Beautiful blog and a beautiful author! So glad I came by.


  3. Wow, that fabric is absolutely incredible! I could live without the trelis though, but would love that pooch, the ceiling in the family room, the oven, marble countertops, and the chairs.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric. I need that fabric. Please santa please…..

    p.s. your blog is fantastic, there goes the rest of my afternoon, just when I thought I was going to get some work done :^D

  5. Love the chairs!! That plumb colour against the green of the twigs in the vases..
    Also love the blue detail on the stove.. A nice little twist..
    Wonderful find!

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