New Favorite Wallpaper.

Imperial Trellis? Eh, it’s pretty.

Grasscloth? A classic, you bet.

But if I were going to wallpaper a room right now it would be with these Bruce Weber shots of Robert Pattinson. Yup, I’m jumping deep into teeny bopper mania with both feet (slightly more highbrow seeing as it’s VF not Teen Beat…).  Even if you hate Twilight you cannot deny the beauty of this man.* le sigh*

And get ready for occasional Twilight pop culture digression this month as the release of New Moon approaches (I’m actually going to the first midnight showing- stop laughing).

It’s just GONNA happen, people. My apologies in advance. :)

Picture 3 Picture 5

Picture 33 Picture 35

Picture 36 Picture 38

Picture 37


  1. I shamefully announced that i’m sucked into the series — i started on Monday and i’m down to the last 50 or so pgs of the last book

    i’m still not particularly convinced to go see the movie though — the main actress annoys me…but he does provide a tempting pull….mmmmm…..

  2. DON’T apologize! If I had a choice between a gorgeous weekend house or the Robster, I’d have to go with the Robster. Hopefully my husband would understand.

  3. No need to apologize. I love the books and the first film. Of course I take issues with some points in the film but whatever, it’s pure entertainment. AND…who wouldn’t want to look at this guy all day, for pete’s sake?!

  4. ps–so funny that you blogged about this today bc I posted a link to the photos on twitter and my blog post tomorrow features these images. I love Bruce Weber.

  5. Hahahahaha – I have to say I signed into my account to write and this was the first thing I saw – love it! Thanks for the laugh, and the cute pics :)

  6. oh how i wish you lived here (or, better yet, me there) so i could have a kindred spirit in an ADULT to go to the midnight viewing with *sigh*

  7. In college we had our dorm room “wallpapered” with those giant plexiglass photos of Abercrombie models that they have hanging in the stores. We stole them out of the dumpsters at the mall. People used to come over just to stare at the wall-to-wall beautiful-ness. I am all for rpatts wallpaper!

  8. Another 30 year-old obsessed with this man (and the movie)! I’ll be at the midnight premiere, as well-with bells on!!!

  9. These were in my email yesterday…unbelievably delish. I’m just having trouble deciding which is my favorite. I could just eat him up! Yet another 30 year old who’ll be at that midnight showing!

  10. yick. perhaps i’m not the right person to give an opinion on him, seeing how I find the whole twilight fad rather overdone, but he looks simply vapid and narcissistic to me. although, not everyone likes the same food…so i guess its the same thing.

  11. Studly for the most part, but the smoldering angry look while wearing a bib and eating corn on the cob is RIDICULOUS.

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