Design TipsNovember 12, 2009

Small and Stunning

It is well known that I adore things in miniature. For some reason I absolutely freak my freak over teeny tiny objects, so it’s fitting that I find small spaces so intriguing and romantic despite the trials they may pose.  Design wise the challenge of a small space is a fun part of the process- you have to use every inch wisely and make sure that the objects in the space all have a purpose and are adored.  When I saw this space I flipped- it’s 500 square feet of design goodness.  Of course, you have a head start when there are architectural details like these huge windows and high ceilings involved! Adore these pics below and then check in below and I’ll dissect why this space works so well:

Picture 9
Picture 10

Picture 12

Picture 13
Picture 15

Picture 20
Picture 17
Picture 18

Picture 19
Picture 21

* By keeping the floors and walls the same white color the space grows exponentially because the eye isn’t sure where the walls end and the floor begins. The only thing I may have considered in here is painting the ceiling a glossy light light blue for added interest and the feeling of a crisp sky above!

*The use of built ins is crucial- in a small space I advise you to consider investing in some kind of built ins to de-clutter and use as little floor square footage as possible. Every inch counts in a space this small. Open shelving is also a great way to keep objects off valuable floor space and the lack of cabinet door aids int he airy, open feeling.

*The use of bold wallpaper in the living area on one wall instead of art work is genius.  Frames would break up that wall and make it look choppy and smaller- the paper gives great visual impact and makes that wall seem way  larger and more dramatic by drawing the eye up and around with continuous pattern.  In the closet, the bright print makes the small space seem really special.  I would have done a floor to ceiling mirror on the wall where the smaller mirror is hung to reflect and double the pattern (more bang for your buck)even more and make it seem bigger.

*The open shower in the bathroom makes it seem bigger ( a clean glass door would help with water splatter and still allow for this). A curtain would kill this space and make it seem claustrophobic.  Check your local Home Depot for affordable glass door options.

* Lots of neutrals keep everything light and fresh.  As I’ve mentioned this month, I am craving a clean space like this. It helps calm the mind and keep you feeling buoyant!

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