Thanks Fox News!

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A little while ago a writer from Fox News Channel’s new e-zine iMag came by my house for an interview and it’s up and it’s LONG! You can read the Q&A’s with me on home and fashion and then smack me for yet again mentioning my DVF dress obsession (time for me to find a new one!) I also sound a little bit like I’m in need to a heavy dose of Ritalin, but it’s just because I get so excited about all this stuff! Thanks Brooke at Fox News for the awesome bit of press!

Article here, here and here.


  1. What a great series of articles Erin! Congrats! And now I have also found the perfect tan color paint I have been looking for my living room for ages. Thanks!!!

  2. It was a great interview and you are so right about an investment in the Loeffler Randall flat boots. Nothing can compare!

  3. good for you erin. you should be so proud. you have a wonderful attitude and great style. i love that you always think outside of the box. so refreshing. (and dvf dresses can’t be beat!!)

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