Life & FamilyNovember 12, 2009

Tights Are NOT Pants.

OK, this has to be said (and I’ve said it via Facebook before).

Ladies, tights do not qualify as pants. Even if you are Sienna Miller.

Picture 23
Picture 22

Please, PLEASE only wear them under dresses and skirts that cover your butt. Also, if you are going to rock some leggings, make sure they aren’t see through so that everyone can see the stripes of your Victoria’s Secret underwear through them (or worse). I have seen so many young girls walking around downtown this way this fall and I feel such embarrassment for them and wonder if they perhaps do not own a floor length mirror? It is unflattering and obscene and it need to STOP.

Spread the word.  There is even a website devoted to this cause! I am so tempted to print out the flyers and put them all over Newbury Street!

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