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IMG_4104 I felt like I was alienating a chunk of readers by commenting incessantly on Twilight so I wasn’t going to post a review, but since so many of you have asked for one- here it is.  Brief, and totally biased, but my take on the latest installment of Twilight.

Midnight on a Thursday and all 13 theaters at the Boston Common cinemas were playing New Moon- and completely sold out. I had spent the hours leading up to it with friends (and the most amazing New Moon red velvet mini cupcakes courtesy of Sweet) imbibing in Culletinis and drooling over Rob’s Vanity Fair spread…again. We got amazing seats, brought a Lululemon water bottle full of wine (totally an oxymoron) and waited….and waited.  Most of the women there were more mature, with a scattering of teens complaining about having tests in the morning and WAY more guys than I ever would have expected. No screaming, no hysterics, which was a delightful surprise.

By the time the movie started I was EXHAUSTED, so I don’t feel like it got my full attention. My overall reaction was this though: Team Jacob? Taylor Lautner was the best thing in the movie, physically (holy sh*t) and acting wise. He’s darling and makes you really root for Jacob- even if you are a die hard Edward fan (ahem!). Kristen Stewart is beyond terrible in my opinion- her whole performace a series of tortured facial expressions and huffing. She does look effortlessly beautiful though. Rob wasn’t great either.  His “swoon worthy” lines seemed  forced and he looked like he was in pain (and those contacts looked extra painful this time around). I understand he’s a brooding, heartbroken vampire who IS in pain, but it felt….awkward.  The special effects are a bit better than the last time, and the wolfpack is pretty darn cool. What was really funny is that while 90% of the theater was “Robsessed”,  when it came time for his big shirtless scene it went silent. No yelping or cat calling, because after spending most of the film watching Taylor run around shirtless you sensed that everyone almost felt bad for skinny, pale Rob (and I love him, and don’t typically dig muscley guys!)

The story is in line with the book,the direction was better than the first and the end makes you want more, but overall I was a little let down.  I didn;t feel any passion in a film that is supposed to be all about passion. Perhaps it was my level of exhaustion, perhaps it was just so overhyped that nothing would impress me.  The books are just so much better, it’s not even funny. I’m going to go see it again when I’m wide awake and perhaps I’ll feel different. Let me know what you guys think!!!


  1. Erin – I agree with all details of your review. My experience last night was a little different at the Gallery Place theater in DC. It was filled to the brim with college girls, who needed to scream every time an ab and/or pec appeared on the screen – which as you know was quite often. I personally loved the enthusiasm because at 12:02 and after 2 hearty glasses of wine, a beer, and several handfuls of peanut butter m&ms, I needed a little adrenaline.

    What I love the most about Twilight (besides RPatz of course) is how it brings all Twihards together. The first scene of the movie there was a technical difficulty and the screen was split = lots of angry women. One 19ish year old literally sprinted out of the theater and returned by yelling “THEY’RE TAKING CARE OF IT” – to which we all applauded and yelled “THANK YOU!!!” I think that the common bound we all shared in the room mirrors the beginnings of world peace…no?

  2. I am also not the “typical” Twilight fan but my late 20’s girlfriends and I also had drinks and appetizers followed by a midnight showing. My opinion was that it was WAY better than Twilight but still not quite right. I thought Kristen did a great job. The script was better and the funny moments were great. Like you, I am a Team Edward gal but the movie makes you fall for Jacob. Taylor did great. He was by far the best performance in the movie and, in a way that I could not get to in the book, I felt the difficulty of Bella’s choice to pick Edward over Jacob. However, I thought the beginning and ending were really rushed. And at the end there was too much “coldness” between Bella and Edward. The chemistry did not really come out….

    But overall, I thought it was a good interpretation of the books and will probably also see it again at a more normal hour. It was a fun thing to do with girlfriends though who all love the books!!

  3. Aw, thanks for sharing, Erin!!! I have been on Team Jacob ever since I read New Moon…so I’m glad to hear Taylor did such a great job. I have always wondered about RP, I don’t find him the most handsomest man ever…I’ve just always thought that everyone loves Edward’s character in the book so much that they take what they love about him and apply it to Robert and that’s why he is such a superstar in everyone’s eyes. I’ve heard that this movie followed the book much better than Twilight did, so that is good. Can’t wait to go see it. But I’m not one to scream at the screen:)

    Those cupcakes look yummy!

  4. Hey Erin! You crack me up :-) I’ve only been reading your blog for about a month, but I love it. You have great insight and a great sense of humor.
    I can’t believe you stayed to go to the midnight movie but I’m surprised there weren’t more teenagers there. I tried to read Twilight (back before it began so HUGE) but couldn’t get into it for some reason so I appreciated hearing your take on the books and the movie since now I feel like I’m missing out on something. I only know who those kids are when I get my gossip fix by watching E!, hahaha
    Keep up the great work. Oh, btw, I really love Fashion Fridays. Isn’t Polyvore addictive?

  5. Sarah – THANK YOU! I am definitely on Team Jacob and rarely find someone who shares that opinion. He is so fun-loving, caring, funny, NOT controlling and possessive (yes, I’m talking about Edward), so much less drama, and he’s just a good friend. Oh the list goes on… glad the movie is in his shoes. Can’t wait to see it.

    Thanks for the review, Erin. I’ve been dying to hear about it. Can’t wait to see the wolf pack!


  6. I loved the Twilight books. I couldn’t put them down. The movie Twilight, however, was a big dissapointment to me. I agree with you that where there is supposed to be “passion” in the move it falls flat. I will still go see New Moon anyway because I can’t help myself! I still think that the movies could have been so amazing and they needed to do a better job casting. Even though I think that Edward is “cute”, they needed someone with more “umph!”. He is not even very photogenic. Bella is not all that great in her role either. (sorry if i am raining on anyones vampire parade!) Oh well, it still brings out the need in me to associate with anything Twilight!

    If you want to see some “real men” doing drama with intensity and excellent acting take a moment to see my post on Period Drama’s. I hope you stop by! Thanks~ jamilyn

  7. thanks for the review! i haven’t even seen twilight but just went out to buy it on dvd — i LOVED the books, but i saw some trailers of twilight and i just cringe whenever kristen stewart comes on — i just don’t think that she’s very convincing at all

    however, i do agree with one of the commenters above — i loved the edward character and sometimes when reading the books, in my mind, he looks like robert pattison –

    maybe i’ll just reread the books

  8. So glad you wrote a review! thats why im here today :) I loved the books didnt like the first movie at all, so i feel like i have no expectations of New Moon. Which is probably the way to see it. MOvies are never as good as the books!! although Notebook was way up there! ;)

    Thanks for the review :)

  9. i couldn’t agree with you MORE. i felt the exact same way – maybe i expected too much? it did leave with me wanting more though. i love r.patz, but props to taylor launter… he may be my little brother’s age, but shit, the kid looked good. books are much, much, much better. lucky your theater was quiet – mine was full of screams and shouting. i’ll have to see it again when the craze dies down a little.

  10. I actually loved it–but that may be in part because I expected an insane amount of sulky wah-wah from Kristen Stewart (per 90% of her thoughts in New Moon) and I was thrilled to only hear about the “whole in her chest” twice instead of the 89 times it’s in the book. And I felt like the direction was much better than in Twilight. Who knows, perhaps I was just so hungry for a hit of my addiction I would have licked up whatever disaster they threw at me and asked for more. :) Totally agree on the new appreciation for Jacob–my friends and I who have forever lived for lanky artist types were quite surprised to find ourselves instantly enthralled with the muscle look, who knew?! But seriously. I found myself swallowing and blinking in wonder at the screen like a damn 12 year old when he was shirtless. (Note: I’m 29 and happily married).

    Thanks for the review! :)

  11. Okay… I did love the movie, but I missed a lot of the stuff that was in the book. I know they can’t put everything in there, but I just felt a little cheated. I thought Kristen did a great job. Robert was beautiful… so great too, and Jacob was good. It left me wanting more, which is positive. I will see it several more times in the theater. I will get a better sense then. You’re right though, the books are sooooo much better than the movies. However, I’ll remain a diehard Twitard. Oh, and BTW… I am 35! ouch. Oh well… TEAM EDWARD :)

  12. I felt this way about the first movie. I absolutely LOVE the books, but after seeing the first movie, I felt it was lacking the passion that made me fall in love with the books. I’ll definitely see New Moon but after my experience with Twilight I’m in no rush.

  13. Same for me, I thought the movie was lacking. I did like the Italy/volturi part. Couldn’t stand that all K. S. does is gasp and inhale a million times. Come on!! She really got paid for that?! I didn’t really love the first 2 books, but, I’ve been a vampire fan since reading Anne Rice books way back in the day, so I always check out new vamp stuff. LOVED Jacob. I really liked him in the books too, more so than Edward. So glad that he doesn’t get the total shaft in the last book ;) oh my, he was so hot in the movie. So that was good. Really wish they would’ve cast a different Bella for these films. Half the time KS is so mumbly you can’t understand her.

    Overall though, I was entertained.


  14. Amazing…I have to get to see that! I am team Jacob…he is damn hot!!!

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  15. I’ve not read on watched the Twilight books and movies. However, i have a friend who is a big fan. She paid to see the first movie six times! I’m wondering where you got your shirt? That would make a great Christmas present for her.

  16. Ugh I am so jealous y’all have already seen it! But perhaps the experience will be better once some of the craze dies down. I love Jacob, and I am glad to hear that the movie gives him a fair shot at Bella since I don’t think a lot of people understand how Bella could have such a hard choice between them, p.s. how SNUGGLY and SEXY does rpatz look in that sweater in Vanity Fair.

  17. I went on Friday afternoon with a co-worker, and we were the only adults in the theater who weren’t chaperoning teenage girls. The place was a sea of skinny jeans, Uggs, and a whole lot of screeching, which began with the trailer of Pattinson’s next flick, “Remember Me”. As soon as the movie title appeared on the screen the girls started clapping and squealing, which continued through most of the movie. My jaw dropped when Lautner appeared (shirtless, natch) – he’s gorgeous even though I feel a wee bit pervy thinking so! Overall I thought it was a lot better than the Twilight movie (effects, direction, make-up), but as much as I love Rob he just isn’t what I expected Edward to be, and Stewart, well – her acting was ever so slightly better this time around, but she just isn’t Bella. She has none of Bella’s humor or genuineness. New Moon was my least favorite book of the series, but I was quite happy with the movie overall.

  18. I thought the movie followed along with the book pretty well (it wasn’t my favorite book of the series). K.S. and R.P. just didn’t have the same passion as they did in Twilight. I am a Team Jacob convert! Based on the performances, Bella should’ve been with Jacob. He had the best performance by far! I liked Bella better in the books then the movies so far, she is just too insecure in the movies. Hoping the next movie is better!

  19. Wow, I feel almost exactly the same as you. I really loved Jacob by the end & kinda wanted the vampies with their overly yellow eyes to go away. My only other big problem? The endless “sad” symphony music playing in the background all the time. I think they spent their larger budget on it. Ha.

  20. I agree with your review 100%. Never a huge Taylor fan, he won my heart by the end of the movie. His acting ability surprised me, accentuated by the terrible efforts of (most of) the rest of the cast. Kristin and Rob disappointed, and sadly Ashley Greene needs some coaching as well. I hope Rob takes some time to buff up for the next film. How on earth is he supposed to portray a god personified with makeup-ed on abs? (you can totally tell in the Volturi scene!) Like you, I’m definitely going to see it again – I have a feeling the second time around will be better.

  21. Seeing it in Chicago on Sunday night was nice, many more adults than teenage girls, although there were some signs and cat calls during Jacob’s taking off the shirt scene. Overall I ended up very disappointed. Loved the books, and feel like the second movie lost all the passion. The CGI was better than expected but I felt the styling of the vampires this time around killed it for me. In the first movie the vampires had a sexy look, in this one — with the overly thick white makeup, contacts that looked like they hurt if you blinked and the red lipstick on Rob – everyone looked more like Zombies then sexy vampires. Jane looked great, the acting of Aro’s part was great. Things did seem more disconnected and forced, stiff overall. Wondering if having a female director (like Twilight) gave it a more fluid passionate point of view. Either way, look forward to Eclipse …

  22. I totally agree with your synopsis! When reading New Moon, I was so frustrated b/c although I like Jacob, I hated the whole Jacob/Bella relationship idea. It was ripping me apart! In the movie, I actually LOVE Jacob. I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE him. And I love Charlie. Everyone else in the movie – I could care less! Perhaps the rest of the Cullen family are well-cast although Jasper looks SO unnatural, particularly close up. But I mean Bella was exactly like you said – very pretty, but poor acting at best. What WAS all that grunting! Her scene in the woods totally missed the feeling that the writing conveyed. And her screams from the nightmares? That doesn’t sound like a teenage girl screaming in her sleep! Where was all the crying and mourning that she went through??? She just sat there like a vegetable for the first few months and then we finally got a little (tiny bit) of crying). She was a poor poor choice for the role, which is too bad, because then the other two can only be so amazing. The only thing that’s right on is that she is not TOO pretty to be Bella. And I kinda feel the same about Edward/Rob. He’s certainly not hot enough to compare to Taylor Lautner so I think they should’ve picked either a hotter Edward or a less hot Jacob. I know you really like him, but Rob’s Edward doesn’t make me feel the way Edward (book-version) does, ya know? While Taylor’s Jacob makes me feel more than Jacob does in the book. Better than the first one, but still not comparable to the books…

  23. I couldn’t agree more. Although I hated Jacob in the book (I’m a total Edward-ite), he was the best thing on that screen. I think Kristen and Rob both S*CK – they just cannot act at all. They lack the humor and fun that the Edward and Bella had (for me) in the book). In no way to do they live up to the Edward and Bella in my head. I’m so glad i read the books before seeing the films – I think it would have ruined it for me.

    Book 3 should be interesting in film-form, but I’m dreading what they’re going to do with book 4….

  24. I absolutely agreed. With all the hoopla of the new director, I really thought the build up of anticipation was stronger in the first movie. You’re right that the passion wasn’t there either. I am definitely looking forward to Eclipse, though!

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