InspirationNovember 20, 2009

You Asked: New Moon Review

I felt like I was alienating a chunk of readers by commenting incessantly on Twilight so I wasn’t going to post a review, but since so many of you have asked for one- here it is.  Brief, and totally biased, but my take on the latest installment of Twilight.

Midnight on a Thursday and all 13 theaters at the Boston Common cinemas were playing New Moon- and completely sold out. I had spent the hours leading up to it with friends (and the most amazing New Moon red velvet mini cupcakes courtesy of Sweet) imbibing in Culletinis and drooling over Rob’s Vanity Fair spread…again. We got amazing seats, brought a Lululemon water bottle full of wine (totally an oxymoron) and waited….and waited.  Most of the women there were more mature, with a scattering of teens complaining about having tests in the morning and WAY more guys than I ever would have expected. No screaming, no hysterics, which was a delightful surprise.

By the time the movie started I was EXHAUSTED, so I don’t feel like it got my full attention. My overall reaction was this though: Team Jacob? Taylor Lautner was the best thing in the movie, physically (holy sh*t) and acting wise. He’s darling and makes you really root for Jacob- even if you are a die hard Edward fan (ahem!). Kristen Stewart is beyond terrible in my opinion- her whole performace a series of tortured facial expressions and huffing. She does look effortlessly beautiful though. Rob wasn’t great either.  His “swoon worthy” lines seemed  forced and he looked like he was in pain (and those contacts looked extra painful this time around). I understand he’s a brooding, heartbroken vampire who IS in pain, but it felt….awkward.  The special effects are a bit better than the last time, and the wolfpack is pretty darn cool. What was really funny is that while 90% of the theater was “Robsessed”,  when it came time for his big shirtless scene it went silent. No yelping or cat calling, because after spending most of the film watching Taylor run around shirtless you sensed that everyone almost felt bad for skinny, pale Rob (and I love him, and don’t typically dig muscley guys!)

The story is in line with the book,the direction was better than the first and the end makes you want more, but overall I was a little let down.  I didn;t feel any passion in a film that is supposed to be all about passion. Perhaps it was my level of exhaustion, perhaps it was just so overhyped that nothing would impress me.  The books are just so much better, it’s not even funny. I’m going to go see it again when I’m wide awake and perhaps I’ll feel different. Let me know what you guys think!!!

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