Before and After: Kitchen Nook

Here’s a little before and after of a remote e-design project I worked on this year for Sarah, who now pens her very own blog! I am thrilled with the results!



DSC_0788 After much deliberation, we decided to use this spectacular F. Schumacher wallpaper in charcoal grey which truly takes your breathe away. Paired with an IKEA tulip-style table, glossy black bentwood chairs and a more traditional, formal take on a drum pendant the dining nook really came together!  If one wanted to add a punch of color to a space like this you could do chair cushions in a solid color (yellow would be pretty sweet) and a little low floral arrangement. Ta da!

Now, this wallpaper is not cheap- but since it was a small space it was worth the splurge as you get a lot of impact with as few rolls as possible. Powder rooms, the interior of closets and the backs of bookshelves are other spaces where you might consider using an expensive wallpaper you are in love with without having to buy gobs of it. But there are some inexpensive graphic papers that may give you the same punch as this one for a bit less- here are some picks from the Design your Wall site’s Modern section:

60006_big astekchrysanthemine_big

d_1629 elinor_charcoal_57187_big

vc0832 17622_big

16241_big-01 17605_big


  1. its gorgeous. Where can I find the second ones on the left (bw flowers) ? I’ve been looking for that extract wallpaper for a long time. Thanks!

  2. I love the look and you can accessorize with so many colors, my favorite is orange and thank goodness it is in right now. Different centerpieces will change the look, Great idea I am not sure I would have thought about a large print in a small room but the effect is really wonderful, did I say I love it?

  3. I have to be honest, I hate the wall paper. Love the table and chairs, but I find the wallpaper far too overwhelming for the space. Totally get that’s it’s supposed to be bold. But not my favorite.

    In response to the earlier post this week, I would love to see more fashion posts, particularly ones that are age related. We all know that certain trends lend themselves to 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond. Would love to see a post on skinny jeans and how you can wear them at each age without looking ridiculous. Or perhaps how to hide body flaws with the latest trends, etc.

    Love reading – just my 2 cents for the new year!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog & it’s fabulous! Love it!

    I love the Schumacher wallpaper, but I would have to agree that it seems to overwhelm the small space. It makes me kinda dizzy. The table is super fab & the chandelier looks awesome! Overall, it’s a stunning transformation! Keep up the fab work!

  5. I love that wallpaper and what you have done with it. I think the space looks amazing and agree that small spaces really need that ‘wow’ factor. All this via remote too! very, very clever! KG

  6. Thanks so much for the love! We couldn’t be happier with it!

    The chairs are from Sundance and I do have to disagree– the wallpaper definitely doesn’t overwhelm. The kitchen is pretty large (25 feet long) and shaped like an L. The wallpaper defines the nook and creates a feeling for the whole kitchen. Now if I had done the whole 25 foot long wall, well then I think that would have overwhelmed!

  7. From a fellow interior designer, I love the makeover and the bold wallpaper makes the room cozy, distinct and ONLY because the space is so small does it work. If it was a large space, it might be overpowering, depending on the space of course. Good for you for going bold and having clients like Sarah that trust you.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wallpaper and the final result. I think the scale is perfect for the space and I am crazy about the dramatic effect!! I am thrilled that you and your client are happy with the outcome!

    I recently used this very same paper in the same color in the back of a clients glass front armoire and used the matching fabric for the drapery and pillows. I even put the wallpaper in the adjacent laundry room and painted the cabinets yellow and it is fantastic!!! When I get it photographed I will certainly share the pics. My client and I are equally pleased.

    Congrats to you on a gorgeous project!

  9. wow so bold and beautiful!!! we just did a huge before and after on our kitchen. it’s so much fun to see other projects too! thanks so much for sharing:) awesome job!

  10. I think it is a bold choice that paid off. I agree that it really works in a smaller space.

    (I have to admit, I like it when people post their honest reactions. Makes for a more lively discussion!)

  11. That bold pattern is a great idea for setting a small nook apart.
    Have you seen the Vivienne Westwood patterns for Cole and Son that came out in September last year for striking graphic patterns too. Not cheap though.

  12. Great choice of wallpaper! I love what a big impact it makes. I’ve been toying with using this paper in my powder room and now I’m definitely inspired to go for it!

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