Gift Guide: For Kids

No idea what to get the kids in your life for the holidays? I hope this little list of suggestions helps you find something you may not have thought of!

For kids toys that don’t look cheap and plastic-y turn to MOMA’s for things like these gorgeous Girard block, art themed coloring books, balloon racer and art easel/puppet theater:

Picture 15 Picture 18

Picture 19 Picture 20

For the chic new mom and baby, this hat and blanket set is anything but juvenile.

Picture 6

Got a Barbie girl on your list? Jonathan Adler came out with his OWN Barbie (complete with retro-cool cool accessories) and a sofa set that makes me wish it were my size!

Picture 22 Picture 21

Believe it or not, I actually have this Frog-o-sphere. My mom got it for me for my 30th birthday (long story). Anyways, it’s a great way to teach kids how to take care of a pet and the tank comes in a variety of fun colors for a boy or girl. I named mine Monday and Thursday because that’s when they need to be fed, otherwise I’d forget. I’m going to be a terrible mom….

Picture 23 For the tough to buy for tween girl, a gift certificate to Fashion Playtes allows her to design her own garment online-from dresses to headbands and winter hats! I would have LOVED this as a kid instead of just puffy painting everything in sight.

Picture 24 The Create Your Own playhouse looks like SO much fun- even for me!

Picture 25

The Roberta Roller Rabbit monkey pajamas are just too cute not to include- even if a kid wouldn’t want to wear them. :)

Picture 26 Picture 27

For the boy who wants to shoot stuff- soften him up with this marshmallow shooter (and it’s zebra print- bonus!)

Picture 28

Dwell Studio has tons of cute kids things, but these little art kits take the cake!

Picture 30 Picture 29

OK, this is super pricey and more for the parent but I couldn’t resist because it is so gorgeous.  Lilipad Studio’s boho-chic step stool is a designer’s dream!

Picture 32

Or how about their chairs? I die.

Picture 33

What little girls doesn’t want a gorgeous tutu?

Picture 34 This is so random, but I know little kids would think it was hilarious and awesome. A giant gummi bear, 88 times larger than a normal one, and on a stick. Crazy.

Picture 35

How about this adorable pirate hero cape set? Love it!

Picture 43 Picture 42

Loving these adorable Garnet Hill critter slippers.

Picture 36 Do your kids happen to be of the fuzzy variety like mine? These doggy sweatshirts made me smile!

Picture 38 Picture 37

Want to make Fido’s owners feel special? How about a bag of dog treats customized with their dog’s photo? Or how about some Real Dogs California wine with their dog or cat’s photo? Now THAT would be an unexpected gift!

Picture 40 Picture 41


  1. Thank you for posting such amazing gifts! I’m inspired to paint some children’s chairs now! I love the “create your own home” and I’ve had my eyes out on those marshmallow shooters! Too fun! And the giant gummy bear rocks!

  2. The gummi bear is like the one I always coveted from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…I must have it! ; )

  3. Erin,
    I read your blog often and I really like your design advice and know you are a dog lover. That is why I was disappointed to see that you have and want other people to buy that horrible frog-o-sphere. Brookstone is not a pet store, and their employee don’t know how to care for live animals. An employee told me that they have to monitor for dead frogs.
    These are living animals. They need to be fed at the least once a day, not twice a week. Also these little guys normally spend the majority of their time hiding behind and under aquatic plants and the lack of any plants in their environment is a constant cause of stress for them. Lastly, water should be changed once a week, not twice a year. African Dwarf Frogs, like many other frogs, are most susceptible to bacterial infections, which are usually caused by the water they live in.

    It’s a tiny abusive chamber they are forced to live in – haven’t you noticed that they keep bumping into the walls. Did they eat the snail yet? Erin, as an animal lover, You don’t really seem interested in frogs, wouldn’t it be better if you gave them to a pet store, or got them a larger bowl and donated them to a school’s science room?

    I really hope you consider what you are putting out in the world by advocating your readers to purchase the frogosphere. Please use your talent to reach your audience and tell them that you do not advocate torturing those poor frogs.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Elana,

    Get over yourself. They are not people they’re frogs. I care about animals too but my goodness, don’t berate Erin. It is up to the purchaser to decide whether the frog biosphere will be a good gift for the recipient. Erin is merely pointing out that it is a great teaching/learning gift for children.

    The shortcomings of Brookstone have nothing to do with Erin. You should write your chastising email to them if you don’t like the product or the way they animals are taken care of in the stores.

    I apologize if anyone has been offended by my reply.

    Thank you.

  5. Marian,

    I did not say they were people, I did not say that we should put them through college, I said we should treat them humanely. Just because a living creature is not a human being doesn’t mean it is not entitled to humane treatment. I agree it could be a great way for kids to learn, but they should also be learning the importance of a proper environment for any living creature.

    Secondly, I was passing along what I know about these frog o spheres, perhaps something that Erin or her readers are not aware of. Erin is recommending this product to the public and the intention of my comment was not personal, it was to educate her and her readers to let them make a choice with all the information. There is an abundance of information on the harm these frogosphere cause.

    Lastly, if you don’t want to offend someone then don’t start off by saying “get over yourself” then apologize for it 5 sentences later.

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