Holiday 09: My List

This Christmas isn’t a big one, nor a particularly exciting one, since what I really need is a laptop. Also cramping my style is the fact that J.Crew is sold out of the winter coat I want (the Ingenue in sea salt).  So here is my list of the bits and pieces that make up my wish list for Santa. Because this year I choose to believe.

A big ol’ bottle of my fave perfume, Child, from Fred Segal.

Picture 15

A Chan Luu wrap bracelet. It’s been on my list all year.

Picture 18

A pair of black Chuck Taylors.

Picture 20

Luscious bath stuff, like Bliss’ Lemon + Sage body scrub and body butter to get rid of dull winter skin.

Picture 22 Picture 21

Big surprise- I want more yoga clothes. These Hard Tail pants with fold down tattoo print are right up my alley as is this great top from Athleta.

Picture 24 Picture 25

These AMAZING cropped  jeans from J.Crew that are a little bit rock-n-roll, a little bit Audrey Hepburn and perfectly me!

Picture 26 I also need more scarves to add to me psychotic scarf collection- loving this cheetah Rachel Zoe one and a nice solid infinity scarf, like this one from Roxy.

Picture 27 Picture 28

This poster by Jennifer Ramos would be perfect for my new office! I even have that frame already…

Picture 29


  1. Hey Erin,

    I feel ya on christmas this year!! I was gonna ask do you know if any good sites for photo christmas cards??

    thanks!!! :)

  2. Haha that blogs and coffee poster is hillarious, although I feel like maybe it would glare at me every day as I indulge in my two addictions like, “Yeah lady, I got yer number”

  3. I have a fun idea….can we have a scarf collection face off? You take a photo of your collection and I take a photo of mine…then we link to eachother and see who’s is more obscene!!!!

    Funnnnnnnn!!!!! Let me know what you think.


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