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My personal mantra for 2010 is going to be “streamlined with personality”. I want everything in my life to take this on- my home, my business, my work, my schedule… I am, right now, a disgusting mess. I know, however, that I also will never be the perfectly organized, alphabetized, color-coordinated, blackberry-schedule-linked-to-my-outlook type gal. I still prefer paper datebooks and messy creativity. BUT it needs some sort of structure and editing and de-cluttering. So I felt like posting this home designed by Interieurs Dovecote in CT (from at home magazine)-sleek, organized and clean but with some interesting touches. Especially the front door. hellloooo loooovaaaahhh.








  1. it’s gorgeous. I am an organization freak, but lately haven’t been able to gt it together. I am sure I will get it back in 2010, right?

  2. Perfection is the word that comes to mind. I love it all. I think when you have a creative mind it is hard sometimes to be organized to perfection. But since we also love beauty we realize organization is a beautiful thing. I think being realistic is the smart way to start thinking about the process. Knowing we will never reach perfection but rather trying to seek balance because that truly is what it takes to keep all the balls in the air. When we play too much or work too much it shows in all areas of our lives so my mantra is going to be “Balance” for 2010. I always enjoy your blog so much, I hope you keep writing about the things you love,including fashion and make-up. I love your take on those subjects as well as design. You keep it young and fresh! Kathysue

  3. it’s a feeling we all get when the new Year approaches…. i suddently have the urge to start fresh, and since my son is away on vacation, I can’t wait to get home and start working on decluttering my home. And tomorrow, painting some walls back to white…

    I guess that makes us feel our whole life will be neater =D

    These rooms are simply stunning!

  4. That house is exactly what the doctor ordered after all the crazy amazing festivities of Christmas. So fresh and clean — Love it!

  5. I am sure the fact that you are getting a studio devoted to you work will help so much. Even just mentally separating work and home. Sooooo jelly. :)
    Happy New Year from Sea Island. It is my husband and I’s night to cook the family dinner….TACO NIGHT baby!

  6. Oh, I love those dining room chairs. I would like to get me some of those! :) Are they Vintage? What a lovely post!

  7. I love these images, I also am not a blackberry schedule linked to my outlook girl (although i desperately want to be!) yet oddly enough I prefer tailored spaces…must be a yin and yang thing;) Fully appreciated the ode to Carrie…helloooo lovah!

    Happy New Year,

  8. i love all of your photos. i too dream of a polished, orderly home. but there is something about having a 2 and 3 year old running around the house that causes much delay….haha. i also read recently that if you are finding yourself wanting to be organized but seem to be running in a circle you may need a day off and to instead do nothing for an entire day. well, best of luck and Happy New year!

  9. wow, these photos are so delicious! i really love the feeling that garden stools give a home…i love the white ones in the picture you posted….
    the feeling of to-do lists crossed off and being organized is PRICELESS!
    You can do it!

    so excited to see posts of your decorated new office space….sounds like it will be a blast to decorate

  10. must. have. those stools. the orange and the white ones. simply perfect. Hoping I am inspired to declutter soon.

  11. Hi all,
    This home appeared in athome Magazine. I’m the creator/creative director for athome and am really thrilled to see you all love it. The pillows are available through Dovecote in Westport CT. The white kitchen chairs are through Design within Reach. Designer, Brooke, works with Dovecote Interieurs and is a color genius! Go to our site to subscribe– we would love to have you all as readers!!
    Thanks for the post,

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