NYE Dressing for All Ages.

I heard your call for outfit inspirations for various ages and so I put together outfits for you ladies in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s (since research tells me those are the ages most of you are). I love them all though! I’m off for a day of yoga, massage and facial and then off to a fancypants party at the place where¬† got married! Should be a good day, I hope yours in too! See you in 2010 with my resolutions list!)

Click on outfits to be see links to each item!




  1. erin you nailed it! as a gal in my 40’s i would absolutely wear the outfit you chose. those black pants from karl lagerfeld are exactly what i have been looking for! and of course a long coat to hide in while still looking fab. and the shoes……..love!! enjoy your spa day and your wonderful evening. happy new year!

  2. LOVE it!!! These looks are actually pretty ageless! I am 29 so I think I will be very well accepted in the 30’s box ;) which is my fave!

    I just loved your styling. Happy New Year!!!! All the best x

  3. Great outfits, stylish and classy at the same time. I am, well lets say over 40 over5o and I would love to wear the 30 something. It looks like a timeless outfit to me and with the Chanel as the final accessory, you can not go wrong. Have a wonderful New Year,Kathysue

  4. I am in my 30’s, but I love the prices and pizazz of the 20’s look! There is no reason to spend 300 dollars on a sequin dress when you can find them at Target for less than 40!

  5. You did such a great job with these outfits! I’m in my 20s, but I’d love each of them! And, really, the shoes in the first outfit need to be mine. Great choice!

  6. HI! I am over 60 but I would wear what you suggested for the 30 year olds! I would probably chose a little lower heel but I love the color Great ideas!

  7. Love all of the ensembles! Wow, you are so good at this! I would definitely wear the 30’s and the 40’s and I am in my 50’s! My 21 year old would be a showstopper in the 20’s. Happy New Year!

  8. Hey…you forgot us in the 50’s (albeit the early 50″s), I know you young ones think it’s ancient, but it’s really not!
    Happy New Year!

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