Facts about today:

*It’s snowing outside, which will turn to heavy rain later. New England, you kind of suck sometimes.

*I did not sleep a wink last night- perhaps because I threw myself a little pity party with some wine at 10 pm. It was a total scene. You should have been there.

*Due to said pity party, I now have a wee bit of a headache and zero motivation. All I want to do is get in bed and watch The Holiday and Love Actually.

* My decision to hand line all my holiday cards was idiotic but I can’t back down now. Bring on the paper cuts.

Okay, enough bitching and moaning from me- let’s take a little break from all the frantic shopping, fa-la-la-la’s and bad Christmas music to look at pictures of a warm, sunny spot that has nothing to do with the holidays! If I could run away here to the Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos right now, I would.

I’d sit right here for hours on end and do nothing but read, listen to music, eat and drink luscious fruity cocktails.

Picture 22

Then later I’d move over here and repeat the same:

Picture 24

Then skip off to the spa to bliss out:

Picture 25

Then sit here for a lovely meal overlooking the sea:

Picture 28

The retreat back to one of these LOVELY rooms for tons of sleep:

Picture 23

Picture 29

Picture 31

Picture 26

Picture 27 Picture 30

I could totally use a vacation like this right about now- how about you?

Picture 33 Picture 32


  1. wow i just booked the cavo tagoo!! (ok in my dreams!!) i fear i’m in the same slump….it’s the pressure of this time of year. i just watched the holiday three times in the past four days and love actually right behind. sometimes you just need to breathe. don’t forget that!

  2. I’m with you on the snow (I’m just outside Boston) and to top my morning off, the coffee maker didn’t work this morning! Thank goodness I have a spare.

    The season is crazy and I reach a point every year where I wonder why it has to be this way. Take a day off and do something fun. Your (mental) health is more valuable than a lot of the things we do during this season.

    Time for another cup of coffee and perhaps a show on Hulu…

    Hang in there!

  3. That hotel is amazing! I’ll book the room next door and we can have a patio party!

    I’m right with you on the issue with New England. It’s days like today when I wonder why I ever left San Francisco. Although I think they actually had snow there this week!

    Hang in there! You will get your holiday cards done and tomorrow at the Liberty will be fantastic!

  4. I hear you- looking out my office windown in NYC and it’s nothing but rainy, wet and gray. Definitely would have been a nice day to stay at home and do some online Christmas shopping, napping and movie watching. LOVE The Holiday! Thanks for the beautiful images of the hotel. Hang in there today!

  5. we had a family Christmas in Cabo San Lucas one year and it was one of the BEST ever…you mumbled a “feliz navidad” , enjoyed the sun and your family, and no worries about all the American hoo-haw of what’s expected at the holiday time. BTW- you’re a daily read and enjoy all you do- thanks for sharing the ups and downs.

  6. Few things:
    I’m with you on the pity party last night! I think I mucked up my karma somehow and it all came crashing down on me yesterday.. add the stress of the holidays and everyone (and their sister) needing a website before christmas…!

    And Um, I NEED to go there. That has to be one of the most stunning resorts I’ve seen in a long time! Cue my new life goal (beside getting a life sponsor).

    At least you have snow right now… downtown Boston is nothing but freezing rain/slushy-ness :(

  7. Hope you’re doing better Erin!

    We have snow here, too. The one thing that beats the actual snow and cold and car cleaning is having to drive in it. Your photos helped, though. Gorgeous.

    I loved, loved, loved Mykonos when I visited. Definitely on my list of “Places I Must Go Back To.” Actually I’m wearing the beautiful ring my husband bought me when we were there, it always makes me smile – which is needed on a grey and snowy day.

  8. Oh these pictures takes me back to my trip to the Greek islands from this past September! It was only 3 months ago but it feels like a lifetime!

    Hope you’re feeling better. :)

  9. Oh no. Am flying back to Boston tonight. I miss my hubby and hope I get back

    Although I too drank almost a bottle of wine last night while watching the Birdcage…I forgot how much I love that movie. I laughed my ass off by myself

  10. don’t be sad erin! you are wonderful and we love you!!! but then we all deserve a pity party for ourselves every now and then too. hope the sun comes out soon!

  11. Those photos are perfect for a morning like this morning. So glad I caved and joined a gym on Monday rather than trying to tough out running outside for a few more weeks. The photo of the floating dining room table is super inspiring. Love it.

  12. We had literally 24 hours of rain in Nashville…I know how you feel! At least the sun is out today! That hotel/myknonos are to DIE for!!!!

  13. Good lord that place is gorgeous! What a perfect blend of modern boutique hotel and classic Grecian style. Perfection.

    And yes, I could totally use a vacation right now (that didn’t involve any of my in-laws!).

  14. Don’t tell me about the scary weather. I’m coming back home to Boston for the holidays in 2 weeks…… I actually live on a Greek island…. don’t feel so bad, it’s not beach weather here (still much better than New England tho’) ! ;-)

  15. I almost warned you about the self-lining of the envelopes (I have made many I-can-do-it-myself-this-is-going-to-be-fun mistakes like that in my past life as a graphic designer.) The night before my own wedding I was up until 5am putting together those types of final details — ugh!! Thank God for concealer!

    I am sure your hubby would love to help out by picking up an xacto blade and glue stick just like mine has when he sees me approaching a why-did-I-take-this-on meltdown (it happens often!)

    Keep your head up and have a great evening at the Liberty tomorrow. Please post pics!

  16. oh, I would gladly sit in that pool in the spa and stare at that fabulous chandelier all day! We were hit with some of that nasty, cold, rainy, snowy weather here in NY too…so I could def. use a getaway! Thanks for the perfect photos for this grey day!

  17. wow! that place looks fantastic…i actually found myself daydreaming i was there as i was reading the post!

    thanks for the quick ‘mind get-a-way’

  18. Hope your day is getting better! So done with this winter weather already….is it June yet? I may have to go and book this place for my honeymoon next year. Wish I was getting married next month because I need a vacation!

  19. That hotel looks like heaven! Sorry about the hangover today. I have so been there before (yesterday) and will totally be there again (probably tomorrow). Jealous of your weekend in NYC. I haven’t been since I moved to LA but we used to do girl trips there a couple times a year. Btw, when you come to LA you really do have to go to The Tavern. I went last week for the first time and sat nestled between Cindy Crawford and Hillary Swank (with Ewan McGregor). The only thing that outshined the patrons was the FOOD. Delicious. I obviously hope you swing by Empiric too!

  20. Thanku very much for the lovely retreat.. such eye candy lifted my spirits amongst all this grey around me,, I mean just looking at them makes me feel good

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