InspirationDecember 9, 2009


Facts about today:

*It’s snowing outside, which will turn to heavy rain later. New England, you kind of suck sometimes.

*I did not sleep a wink last night- perhaps because I threw myself a little pity party with some wine at 10 pm. It was a total scene. You should have been there.

*Due to said pity party, I now have a wee bit of a headache and zero motivation. All I want to do is get in bed and watch The Holiday and Love Actually.

* My decision to hand line all my holiday cards was idiotic but I can’t back down now. Bring on the paper cuts.

Okay, enough bitching and moaning from me- let’s take a little break from all the frantic shopping, fa-la-la-la’s and bad Christmas music to look at pictures of a warm, sunny spot that has nothing to do with the holidays! If I could run away here to the Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos right now, I would.

I’d sit right here for hours on end and do nothing but read, listen to music, eat and drink luscious fruity cocktails.

Picture 22

Then later I’d move over here and repeat the same:

Picture 24

Then skip off to the spa to bliss out:

Picture 25

Then sit here for a lovely meal overlooking the sea:

Picture 28

The retreat back to one of these LOVELY rooms for tons of sleep:

Picture 23

Picture 29

Picture 31

Picture 26

Picture 27
Picture 30

I could totally use a vacation like this right about now- how about you?

Picture 33
Picture 32

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