Fashion Friday: Alexa Chung for Madewell

The J.Crew PR department gave me the heads up that model/tv host/fashionista Alexa Chung will be doing a line with Madewell this spring (as well as launching e-commerce-FINALLY). This news comes after I made my first Madewell denim purchase last weekend of which I am thrilled. Sick of spending nearly $200 for jeans, I tried on several cuts there-all of which looked great- and decided on a semi-destroyed pair of skinny skinnies for $79 that I have been wearing ALL week. I kind of want to sleep with them on I love the fit so much. Even a woman in the dressing room after yoga commented on how fierce they looked (cue inner happy dance).

Alexa’s laid back indie girl vibe is a perfect fit for Madewell and I’m looking forward to seeing what she puts out. I know the girl loves a good trench coat, so I’m hoping one of those is produced as I need (an affordable one) one BADLY. Here are some pics of Alexa if you aren’t hip to her yet…

alexa-chung-4 alexa-chung-new-look-3

alexa alexacheung2

Alexa Chung alexa-chung-10200906

alexa_chung alexa-chung-burberry-ss2010

alexa-chung tumblr_kv5xedBCVk1qa7j5vo1_400

I wish I were as daring and as carefree in my dressing. Plus she’s a knockout.Spread the wealth, sista!

Picture 5 Picture 4

Jcrew, left, Banana, right

On a side note- stores like Madewell, J.Crew and Banana are ALL carrying chambray/denim shirts. At first I totally scoffed at this due to the fact that this particular item of clothing reminded me of my most hideous middle school years in which I looked like a permed, bucktoothed walrus. However, guess what I just bought tonight? A friggin’ denim shirt!!! I know, I am such a hypocrite! But when I put it on in the dressing room I felt all cool and relaxed (like dear Alexa) and thought “Oh this will look so killer with tight black cropped pants and heels or a really dressy pencil skirt….” and my memories of teenage hideousness flew out of the dressing room! Am I crazy for imbibing in this resurfacing trend?


  1. I caught It’s On with Alexa Chung recently when I was home from work. She was also recently featured in Vogue. She seems just plain cool. Add a superhip boyfriend from one of my favorite Brit bands, Artic Monkeys, and she’s the total package!

  2. I wish I was as free with my dressing as she is too. so fun. Oh, and I bought a chambray shirt too. Mine was from Gap and is long enough to wear with leggings.

  3. I am *totally* jonesing for a lightweight denim shirt, too. I was thinking I’d wear it with JCrew city fit chinos this spring, but that’s a great idea to pair it with a pencil skirt!

  4. I have on my J.Crew chambray popover right now! I totally had nightmares over my awkward years, but got over them. The shirt is just too cute to get hung up on those old school memories!

    Love your blog, by the way!

  5. oh i LOVE alexa chung. she is so cool. and did i understand you that madewell is going ecommerce?! say it’s so! that would make my day!! AND (yes, another ‘and’) i think you can totally rock chambray – your ideas on how to wear it are spot on for how it is to be done this time around! happy weekend! -a

  6. LOVE Alexa Chung – but question! WHAT DO YOU WEAR WITH A DENIM SHIRT??? I’ve wanted one since J.Crew came out with it early fall and tried it on and loved it – but what do you wear on bottom? Black pants totally defeats the point of being comfy, cool, and relaxed, and denim on denim is ewww. Thoughts???


  7. Hell yes, chambray. As soon as J.Crew offered it up (end of last summer?) I bought that mess. I ended up with a lighter color, and I’d buy one in a darker shade, too. It’s THE casual-cool shirt, I am convinced. Look for lightweight shorts in a near chambray fabric for this summer…surely they will be out there (anthro? please?) Don’t forget to rock it with your baggy chinos and converse, girl- channel that inner 80s David Letterman!

  8. Cute girl, fun style. I have to say though, that as a mother of a young girl, my first thought was “oh hell, here we go idolizing another 90 pounder”.

  9. sorry – it must be said. There is nothing “knockout” about someone this thin. She looks unhealthy, and that is not something I aspire to in my fashion or otherwise.

  10. If Madewell went ecommerace that would make my week! I live in Chicago and they don’t have any stores out here!

    Also, as others have said Alexa Chung does look scary skinny in those photos. I don’t know if that’s a recent thing for her, cause I’ve never noticed before, however it’s not something I find attractive and as a teacher would hate for my high school girls to aspire to be this.

  11. Nope. I am much too busty for this trend, button downs of any kind are out for me, but I would if I could. Alexa chung is rad. Can’t wait to see what she dreams up for them.

  12. And I just did a little research and realized the shopbop is actually selling some of Madewells clothing line, yea!

  13. Oh I love it all! and u are not crazy, fashion makes us reconsider and re-group so many times in our lifetime… I also used to hate these denim shirts and now, they are actually starting to talk to me ;)

  14. Which Madewell jean did you get? I keep trying them thinking they should work but I end up leaving empty handed.

  15. I have secretly loved chambray shirts (and vests) always, despite similar scarring middle school memories from both. I also want to emphasize that for small-chested girls, those strategically placed pockets especially on Banana’s can be really flattering and give one quite the, uh, boost. Go denim!

  16. I usually hate seeing trends from my youth reappear. But I loved my denim shirts back then, and I’m actually excited to see them come back. They are so comfy! I love the look of denim paired with black.

  17. Great fashion. Love your fashion filled Fridays….though seeing the clothing hang off of Alexa makes me want to buy her a tasty burger…there’s a thin line between fit / slim and being emaciated…

  18. Hi Erin, which Madwell jeans (color, fit) did you get? They also have a 1st thursday of the month denim event. I believe they offer 20% off a denim purchase.

  19. That’s great Madewell will FINALLY have a website…took them long enough :P Being on the west coast, while lovely, you get screwed (can’t think of another appropriate word) out of a lot of things when it comes to fashion/trends for the home, etc.
    I just wish Alexa would eat a sandwich or ten. I love her style though…can’t wait!

  20. Oh, geez…the denim shirt. I have the same feelings you had. I used to borrow my mom’s denim shirt when I was in junior high. Even though is was way too big for me, I thought I was totally cool – tucking it into my Z. Cavaricci’s. I had the permed hair as well. The new denim shirt is pretty cute though.

  21. Love the denim shirt comeback!
    Let’s get to the real issue…. that girl is not healthy looking AT ALL!!!! People need to stop photographing these poor woman and calling them “fashion divas”. Yuck, she needs to eat a few cheeseburgers. Seriously, she looks horrible. I cannot believe any one would think otherwise.

  22. No, you’re not crazy and you look nothing like that permed bucktoothed Walrus. If was to return to my middle school days I suppose they’d have to make white painter’s overalls stylish again and it’s just not going to happen. Clearly bucktoothed walrus would have been a step up for me.

  23. Just found a decades-old, perfectly worn denim shirt in my mother’s closet… yes, I was afraid of it at first, but dared to rock it with black leggings yesterday and loved… am very pleased to be validated by you & Alexis today! haha ♥

  24. Ugh, no denim shirt for me, thanks. It bespeaks Eurotrash male gardener to me, namely the one from “Swimming Pool.”

  25. She does in fact look COOL. But, also very scary skinny! Watch out…I;m gonna pass on the denim shirt, but I know you will rock it out with the best of them! Go ahead….werk it!

  26. I don’t think the denim shirt and the chambray shirt are quite the same. Denim, probably no. Chambray? Definitely, yes!! Can’t wait to wear it with cropped white jeans (before it gets too hot to do so). Think that will translate nicely into fall, too.

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