For the Love of Hardware


I totally dork out on hardware. I guess this is why I do what I do- seeing a gorgeous period style door hinge just gets me all sorts of giddy. There is no better place to oogle luxurious, historically influenced hardware than E.R. Butler in Boston (or NYC). The shop itself is to die for gorgeous, set on Boston’s most charming Charles Street. I’ve always said that hardware is like the jewelry of a room (lighting too, but I digress) and these people treat it as such. Just check out some of the amazing goods they produce, all organized on their site by time period:

02 01

06 08

03 05

07 011

09 04

But that’s not all- they also carry some make-you-drool tabletop accessories. I always find myself pressing my face to their shop window and coveting these inset ceramics:

cakeplatter platter


And how about these sweet votives shaped like tulips and nests? Can’t you see a bevy of them scattered across a tabletop amongst simple flowers for a ethereal centerpiece?

tulip2 nest

And not only do they carry jewelry for the home, they also carry actual jewelry. Most notably the vintage pieces from the perfectly curated collection of Brooklyn’s Erie Basin. Consider me obsessed.


I could pontificate for hours about the joys of vintage jewelry- but I’ll just leave you with pictures of their vintage (and one new designer) engagement rings. While it seems that most girls are focused on big ass bling, I think if I were to choose again I’d choose something delicate, small and with history like these pieces.






tumblr_ksldcdFqAQ1qzi2nqo1_500 I’m going to stop before this post gets any more random. :)


  1. i love the randomness of your post, and as a blogger myself, i can understand how that happens. sometimes the items just make more sense together than they do apart. thanks for the ER Butler link – going there now!

    also, you might like a post i did a while back on sugar stack style rings, since some of the vintage styles you show here are represented there (though they’re not vintage). i love the idea of an alternative kind of engagement ring, though i wonder if i only feel that way because i already got the traditional diamond, you know what i mean? but one of the things i love about some of the styles shown is their stackability – you could almost treat them the way you do a charm bracelet – adding pieces at different times, with different meanings and memories attached.

  2. I love the vintage engagement rings, they are so sweet and delicate looking. I’m with you, if I were to choose again I would probably go vintage. Perhaps I need a right hand ring…

  3. That is DEFINITELY why you do what you do. While I LOVE design and my work for the designer lady I currently work for is a blast, its the hardware type detail decisions that make me realize I am not sure I have what it takes to really do it. Fabrics and trim and furniture and paint are fun, but you have to have a gift to have a passion for hardware.

  4. Not only do I also geek out on things like hardware, draw pulls and hooks, but i LOVE vintage jewelry. My aunt gave me my great-aunt’s art deco engagement ring as my “something old” for my wedding, and find myself wearing it as much as my own!

  5. Thanks for the great new source! I’m always adding to my source file for my travels. Love the engagement ring. I have an antique engagement & wedding ring that I still love to this day. It’s similiar but of course not the same because it’s antique and one-of-a-kind which is what I love the most about it. So, I must go before I ramble much longer. Hope you are well.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  6. Wow! What a wonderful source for unique, quality hardware which can be so hard to come by. I am so printing and saving this post. And it is scary that they offer other lovelies too! Will get expensive to visit them! Much fondness, Monika.

  7. Wow I love everything about this post! I have an engagement ring from 1910 and I get so many compliments. Vintage jewels is where it’s at!

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