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Am I the last person to know that Pieces owner Lee Kleinhelter moved from her oft-featured home into a modern condo in Atlanta? A reader gave me the heads up and I finally found the spread from Atlanta Homes Magazine.  It’s such a departure for Lee, but I do like the sleek simplicity of lots of glass and breathing room mixed with her famous reinvented antiques. I love the super-mod nursery with grass cloth abound, still drool over that camel colored Hermes blanket and have decided that I need an elephant side table, like, yesterday.

Your thoughts?

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  1. i think this is beyond gorgeous. i love the refined simplicity of it. it’s spare but not sparse. it is just beautiful and i would love love love to wake up in it and come home to it everyday. can you tell i like it?

  2. I am not a lady who swoons over modern OR sleek, but I quite enjoy this. I think it must be the richness of all of the vintage items, its unexpected and a bit quirky, which I very much swoon over.

  3. It is certainly beautiful, but in my humble opinion, it seems to lack a genuine warmth. Kind of like a cool hotel…I’d like to stay there for a weekend, but not live there.

  4. I think it looks like her, or at least it looks like Pieces. Driftwood tables, mirrored furniture, Jonathan Adler, Chinese Chippendale Bamboo chairs, fabulous lighting, accessories and pillows…. Sounds like the Pieces I Love!

  5. totally agreed with jackie. it’s completely beautiful, but it lacks the warmth and lived-in family home vibe of her old place. also, have you seen style me pretty’s wedding spread the past few days? a wedding at the parker palm springs!

  6. This is beautiful, but I would love to see a little more color – either pops of bright or just some muted tones to add a little more depth. The futuniture and it’s placement is stunning though. And I adore the hanging baby clothes from the wall shelf.

  7. Okay, so this is pure speculation but being from Atlanta and knowing the housing market there a little bit (I still own my bungalow in Virginia-Highlands and rent it out)…there are sooooooo many unoccupied condos in Atlanta right now. They had so many(I am taking practically one every block from Buckhead to Midtown) being completed right before the housing bubble. There are literally signs on high rises that say “Make us an offer, you name the price.” I would think that one of these high rise condo companies gave Lee the place to decorate and feature in the magazine. Great exposure for Lee and the condo company. Atlanta is still really a “house with a yard” town and people would rather give up their right arm then sell their bungalow in the city, especially in a buyers market.

    Again, this is purely my assumption…or perhaps I am still just trying to hold on the the image of her in the cottage…haha

  8. Hello amazing headboard, grasscloth, furniture, and LIGHT FIXTURES! My goodness. I wonder what color gray that is in the living room. I’m currently obsessed with the color gray.

    Long time reader, first time poster. Love your blog!

  9. I agree with Jackie too. Beautiful – yes. Warm – not so much. And as a new mom, I appreciate her dialed down yet super stylish nursery yet can’t imagine the space is entirely functional.

  10. LOVE the black lacquer finish on the Louis dining chairs. Plus, that has to be THE hippest nursery in existence!

  11. One thing I couldn’t do (not because it’s not cool, but because I have issues) is the open rack of children’s clothes. I need to have clothing hung up, but with doors closed. Every night, I have my boyfriend shut the closet doors because I can’t stand having them open.

  12. heads up, they have white wicker elephant side tables at pier one.. that could EASILY be spray painted any color..

  13. That is one beautiful home. I especially love that tree trunk coffee table, and the lovely gray walls. I do think the dark wood floors and the grasscloth in the baby’s room would be a pain to keep clean though – sorry, just keeping it real.

  14. I personally love it. so clean, no clutter, so me. Love the nursery. I still am infatuated with her first home that was featured in Cottage Living years ago.

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