1. Could you please refrain from cursing in your blog? An asterick doesn’t really make it clean or classy.

  2. oh, I know that raging feeling. :( Don’t let yourself get carried away elevating to “perfection” in your head. Maybe something else will come along sooner than you think!

  3. I totally feel you! I’ve been searching for a rug like this or a kilim forever on ebay and not finding anything or missing out :(

  4. Hi. New to your blog via Habitually Chic, & soo feel your pain. Total OKL addict here! Also, lovin the looks you pulled together for Valentines Day! I will be back (for sure).

  5. Ditto. You are only cheapening yourself when you curse on your blog. It seems to be a very common occurance for you, which makes us all wonder what your language is really like when you are not “filtering” it through a post. Yikes.

  6. Kristin and Amelia… Seriously? If you’re offended by the word shit, then you should just avoid the internet all together. A curse word as common as shit shouldn’t be causing this shit.


  7. I’m sure it was frustrating to miss the rug. I also appreciate Kristin posting about language. Being prim isn’t the goal, but I do prefer clean, and choose the websites that I visit accordingly.

  8. You will find another great rug, the language, since i am new to your site does not really bother me, however, it would be like choosing a new partner….. I wouldn’t want to hear it all the time…..

  9. Okay. I have been reading for only a very short while but I love your style and your blog and as far as your asterisk use? Whatev. And though I am new to this whole blog thing (and don’t really comment but felt compelled to just now), I’m a bit confused. It’s your blog, right? Then again, I have a new house and I walk around with my shoes on all the time (can’t stand when my pants drag if I take off my heels and this working mom is a sucker for pretty heels) and my mom keeps telling me I should really take off my shoes around the house but I don’t listen to her (and she’s my mother!) because it’s my house. I don’t mean any disrespect to her or anyone else who comes over and sees me walking around with my shoes on – it’s just what I do and it’s…my house. I’ll keep stopping by and you’re officially on my roll…

    Go for the black room – just did a black bathroom. May not stay that way because there is no natural light and it’s freaking out my kids – but it’s cool nonetheless…

  10. Oh puh-leeze. Ignore them.

    I like the way you write.

    I admire your passion.

    Don’t change a thing.

    No one erects statues for critics.

  11. PS some guy from Turkey on ebay puts up loads of these rugs for sale starting at .99 with no reserve and free shipping… they seem to end up going for around 100.00, but I can’t speak for the quality and I suppose that’s what keeps me from bidding on them, the notion that if I’m dissatisfied I’ll have to try to return it to Turkey…
    That can’t be easy.

  12. When you are in LA this (next) month I can put you in touch with my friend Ginna who works for Aga and put this sale together. There are more great rugs available! (thousands piled high in her showroom right down the st from my store).

  13. Ooooooohhhhh!!!!! This is a beautiful carpet!!!!!
    It would indeed be beautiful in combination with some modern furniture!

  14. Anyone who doesn’t like this rug has to let go of everything they hold so tight and relax. Read an art history magazine. Open your mind. Wake up to fashion and design. It’s a gorgeous work of art. It is to-die-for and will turn any room into a delight. A DELIGHT. Queen Elizabeth would have covered her floor in it with great pleasure. And so would I.

  15. It’s her blog and she can curse if she wants to…

    If these relatively mild expletives are offensive to you, I suggest you go read another of the roughly 12 zillion blogs that exist, Seriously. Either grow a thicker skin or take responsibility for finding something more to your liking.

    But you don’t walk into someone else’s house and demand that they change things to suit you.

    That, ladies and gents, is very poor form…

  16. This is the first time I have felt like I needed to defend my wife from some of the comments regarding her language. For those of you wondering what her language is like when not being “filtered” through the blog…it is exactly the same. It is part of her charm that she holds nothing back, filters nothing, and is completely real on this blog.

    If a very common curse word, used in PG-13 movies, filtered with an asterisk is so offensive to you that you feel compelled to comment on it…and not on anything else, I suggest you either get out more often or stay off the internet…it is full of it.

    To sum up, Erin is both classy and real in a charming and elegant way. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but when you question her character, I will always take issue with you. Feel free to disagree with her thoughts, style, or what have you…that is part of the game. But question her character? I would welcome the opportunity to come over and critique your life…Just let me know when you are brave enough to put it out there.

  17. What?! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog & the comment about cursing is RIDICULOUS! We aren’t 10 years old nor do we live in Victorian times. Please continue to keep it real & by no means does saying shit make you less “classy”! Putting yourself out there in the blog world is not easy & you are much appreciated!

  18. To Erin’s husband, I simply want to add that I appreciate your comment on her character, and never personally questioned it. As you suggest, these are different views on language use, and the discussion should be respectfully maintained at that level.

  19. H E double hockey sticks people! Find another blog if sh*t is offensive or not classy to you. No need to comment on it, just move along. Erin, continue to be who you are – that’s why we love your blog! Now, how about that awesome rug?

  20. What a great husband!

    And a great rug! OKL always does this to me! The one day I don’t click straight there when I get the email is the day I actually want something and it’s sold out. Case in point – the chevron beach towels!!


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