Design TipsJanuary 25, 2010

The Look for Less: A Graphic Living Room

Picture 8
I have had this room saved on my computer for months. I’ve loved it and looked at it several times. I think it’s at once calming, bold, graphic, organized but with personality. I wanted to try to recreate a similar look on a budget, so here are my picks:

An indoor/outdoor geometric rug from Grandin Road:

Picture 2

I found some affordable orange drapes on a kids decor site- I’d cut off the tabs and sew on rings instead:


A nice modern, clean lined oval coffee table:


The Petrie Sofa from Crate & Barrel would be perfect:

Picture 9
A fabulous bronze floor lamp and black throw pillows:


Hang a series of black and white framed portrait photographs, like this one I found on of Elizabeth Taylor that I love. Pick a few and have them printed the same size and frames identically.

Picture 13

A grouping of sleek white vases looks great on top of a dining table instead of a centerpiece.  Collect them individually or purchase a whole set (this set isn’t cheap, but it was too beautiful not to post!)


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