Farewell Alexander McQueen

There is little sadder to me than the realization that even the astronomically talented and wildly successful people in this world, eternally surrounded by fans and supporters, can feel so desperately hopeless and alone.  The news of designer Alexander McQueen’s death is a tragic example of that fact and it certainly adds a sobering weight to my otherwise buoyant heart today.  He was a visionary in the fashion world and will be sorely missed.  When I think of McQueen I immediately think of his signature skulls scarf (a bit ominous today) that I’ve loved for so long.  Perhaps today I’ll finally get one.

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  1. I agree with you. People that are so incredibly creative, artistic, and come accross as so grand-larger than life, are many times so lonely, and sad. Although they would appear to have it all, friends, fame, money……what we really all need is love, dance and laughter, huh? (this I got from Ellen’s show yesterdy) I did a little bit of reading this a.m. and made the connection between Isabella Blow, I knew she had died, but wasn’t aware (m/b I was living under a rock) that she had taken her own life after several attempts and that she helped to launch his career, and that she felt left out as he rose to the top by selling to Gucci. Who knows if this is even true…..anyway, longest comment ever! Sorry. It does make one sad to see such a creative force die heart-broken and lonely at such a young age. Thanks for the post, and let us know if you get yourself a scarf.

  2. I too was floored this morning when I heard the sad news. I popped into the Alexander McQueen shop in my hotel in Vegas and was so impressed seeing his things first hand. Everything was impecable. I found one of those skull scarves at a consignment shop. Time to bring it out again. *tear

  3. i completely agree with what you said. when i first heard the news i though ‘even with his fame, success, talent, fans, money…he still felt alone & hopeless?? that there was nothing he could do to change his situation?’

    sometimes celeb figures seem ‘bigger than life’ but the truth is we really more alike than we are different – money, fame, success aside. as a previous commenter said – love, laughter…that’s what we really need….cheesy as it sounds.

  4. OMG – can I guy wear one of these skull scarves you think??? Because I totally want one now…so sad about him, I have to own something of his now!!

  5. i was thinking more about what you wrote over the weekend, and i was thinking…maybe just the fact that alexander mcqueen objectively had everything one could hope for – fame, fortune, success, etc – is precisely what made him feel so hopeless. maybe he had the feeling that if he could have all those things and still be lonely and sad and depressed that there must be no hope for him. i guess we’ll never know. very sad.

  6. I bought a scarf…was in NYC, went to Bloomie’s, saw scarf, instantly thought WWED (what would Erin do?) and now I don’t want to take it off! Mine’s more of a skinny scarf, the kind all the guys are wearing now, seems rather trendy but surely I can get away wearing it years from now. RIP McQueen!

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