Fashion Friday: A Target Runway

Target is so upping the ante this spring with their designer collaborations- first launching March 7th is John Paul Gaultier and then later this spring ZAC POSEN! I found lookbook images for both collections and I am so friggin’ excited!

Gaultier for Target–  Oh hello trench coat, striped shirt dress, faux leather jacket, strapless black dress, yellow dress AND striped tee. I’d like to introduce you to my CLOSET.





And here’s Zac Posen. Currently stroking out over this line, it is so genius. I’ll be online the second it launches April 25th to order these first three amazeballs looks immediately. Perhaps one of the printed dresses too. Ok, I’ll take all of it. Wrap it up.

(But not the socks with heels. Still can’t get on board with that.)

zac posen target 20 zac posen target 6 zac posen target 16

zac posen target 17 zac posen target 18

zac posen target 3 zac posen target 8 zac posen target 5

zac posen target 12 zac posen target 2 zac posen target 21

zac posen target 11 zac posen target 7 zac posen target 9

zac posen target 10 zac posen target 14 zac posen target 19

On top of that, if you can handle more, is the news that Liberty of London is going to be doing a limited edition home decor line with them as well! My goodness!  Seeing as they have had such success with their designer collaborations (such as with the late, great Alexander McQueen) I expect to see more and more of these! Even celebs are wearing the designer Target collections on the red carpet. Loving Nicky and Natalie’s Rodarte for Target looks.

nicky-hilton-rodarte-for-target-dress-01 natalie-portman-rodarte-x-target-dress-02

A big round of applause for affordable designer fashion!


  1. Another win for Tar-jay! Can’t wait! Thanks for posting such great pics.

    My one concern about ordering these looks online is the fit…I’ve found their designer collaborations to be soooo inconsistent with sizing. In their Thakoon line I easily fit into XS pieces (my usual size), but with their Anna Sui line a Medium dress was too tight. Huh?!? Guess I’ll just have to get myself to the closest Target as soon as they open their doors on March 7th and April 25th so I can try them on in person!

  2. Oh yay, this makes my day! I’ve been fascinated by Gaultier ever since I saw the Fifth Element. Why don’t they do more of that in movies? If Target can collaborate with designers, why can’t movie makers?
    And I’ve actually got a Posen, not that he designs LOTS of stuff a typical forty-something can pull off but his clothes are so so fun.

  3. I love that Target does this, I think it’s great to expose a whole different market to these kinds of looks, It gets people thinking outside the box in terms of what they can/should wear. I’ll be interested to see how this sells.

    That said, I think most of it is a hideous, Cyndi Lauper re-visit. Maybe it’s the styling that is turning me off. I’ve just never been a fan of that stick legs on stihlettos look, with the leggings it just reminds me of little girls playing dress-up. However, those mini skirts will be scooped up by every high school girl that can get their hands on them. There are some stand outs, like the Zac Posen black pants and pant suit, and the trench.

    Like I said, if it brings in new customers, more power to it.

    Question, did McQueen ever do one of these lines in a budget American or British store? One can only imagine how “amazeballs” (thank you for that, BTW) that would be.

  4. Tarjay does it again they never fail us. They must have one heck of a marketing team. I am always amazed at how they stay on the cusp of design and make it affordable, Kathysue

  5. So here’s the deal. I LOVE those pieces. Love love love them. Zac Posen’s especially. But I can NEVER get my paws on them! Ever! I don’t think they ever make their way into Targets in my area and they sell out online in one moment. What the flip?

  6. Will never be a socks and heels girl either, a. I am too old, and b. it looks ridiculous…regardless. That being said, that Trench is perfection, ditto that lipstick tank!

  7. love the new lines – I have been finding it harder and harder lately to stick to my ‘list’ when I run in to Target for things – they have some seriously great clothers for spring!

  8. that trench is soo coming home with me! i always go check out the new designer collections because they look so cute online but sometimes look really cheap in person and the cut of it is not super flattering – but then again at these prices I can’t really complain that much.

  9. Ooo, that citrusy Gaulthier dress is amazing! And with Target’s reasonable prices, I’ll actually be able to afford the risk of trying out a dress in that color! Thanks, Erin!

    And to Maureen above — I LOOOOVE The Fifth Element and Gaulthier’s designs in it! I agree, more movies should pay that much attention to the design of their costumes (and sets, too)!

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