A Heavenly Houseboat.

No, I’m not joking. When  saw these images I thought it was some hella cute flat in London.  Come to find out, it’s a houseboat! Author Josie Curran and her boyfriend escaped the busy city life and moved to a river in England within a community of other houseboats. I cannot get over how idyllic this looks! Read about it here. And then can we discuss her insane collection of amazing rugs?

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I love the “silence” print above her bed and found it here at Kiss Her….amongst others I adore!

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And if you like the Kiss needlepoint on her bed, I found it here in Emily Peacock Tapestry’s Etsy shop.

il_430xN.104840348 So last week I wanted to run off to Marrakesh/buy a farmhouse in Maine, yesterday I wanted to move to the country, and today I want to move to a houseboat. Where is this wanderlust coming from?

Oh I know. Stress.  The ultimate motivator to get the hell outta dodge!


  1. Hmmm, it might be time to trade in my country digs for a houseboat. (That way I’ll have experienced the city, the country and coastal living.) The older I get, I find there is something very appealing about scaling down and doing with less – get rid of the *stuff* and enjoy a quality life.

    For now, I’m going to dream that I’m on that deck getting ready to take a boat ride!

  2. Wow.. there is no way that is a boat. So cute and stylish!
    I’m with you on the stress- I daydream and read blogs. Really productive!

  3. i tend to get motion sickness easily but that houseboat is the most charming thing i’ve ever seen – i’d gladly give houseboat living a shot if it looked like that!

  4. oh this is amazing!! u are right, those rugs are to die…. the chair in the first picture is my favorite item and the colors are totally adorbs!!!

  5. I have not ever seen a houseboat that felt like a house instead of a well, ‘boat’! It is certainly not claustrophobic to live there. Sounds like a fascinating way to live, to go shopping on a speedboat….

  6. Pea green envy is not such a abulous shade but the colors on this glorious houseboat are. I keep saying its a houseboat???
    I understand the wanderlust… farm in the Hudson River Valley, bed & breakfast in the Berkshires, cottage in the Cotswolds…all gingerly circled the drain of my brain as I tucked in for slumber this week.

  7. That’s so funny! Camilla just emailed to say that a friend had featured our home in her blog. What lovely comments. Can I point out that I was seven months pregnant in that shot, my waistline isn’t normally that round.

    Bianca Hall is a friend who produces the Silence prints along with a host of other really great stuff. Check her out at http://www.kisher.co.uk

  8. Hi Josie! Hi Bianca!
    I just drove past the island where this houseboat is moored – it is indeed beautiful in the early spring sunshine we have at the moment in the UK (between showers). A true rarity and both bohemian and stylish.

    Thanks so much for including me in your blog!


  9. I officially want to move in with her. And I love that she has fully embraced pinks and created a fresh and welcoming space. Who says blue and white are the only way to do nautical!

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