Beacon Hill Beauty.

The newest issue of Stuff Magazine has my feature on photographer Sarah Winchester’s apartment in Beacon Hill- but we took a lot more images that didn’t get printed that I wanted to share! It’s such a great little apartment and proof positive that you can do A LOT with a rental! She admitted ot getting some of her ideas for this very blog (I love hearing that people put inspiration found here into play) and I absolutely love what she’s done with the place!

The black, glossy interiors of the bookshelves simply make me want to do cartwheels.



Those big, Beacon Hill windows pretty much rock.



The kitchen came complete with a swath of red and cream toile wallpaper as a back splash. I think it’s a darling little addition!

SarahWinchesterApt_Feb_2010-8 SarahWinchesterApt_Feb_2010-11

Those big foo dogs, which you just know I love, came from Pieces in ATL!

SarahWinchesterApt_Feb_2010-14 SarahWinchesterApt_Feb_2010-24

I love this shot- the Dwell bedding, the light, the kitty. :)


This one bedroom apartment has the biggest closet I’ve ever seen in any Beacon Hill apartment.  So Sarah turned it into an office as well, building a desk in the bay window alcove. It’s such a darling place to work! You can read more about it here.



SarahWinchesterApt_Feb_2010-36 SarahWinchesterApt_Feb_2010-44

Sarah has a killer eye and recently shot my friend (and studio neighbor) Jessica Sutton for the New Brahmin blog (my OTHER new studio neighbor- our floor rocks) and she’ll be shooting my new head shots in the next month or so. And just because she loves EOS so much (hee hee) she’s offering a photo session for my readers exclusively at an amazing discounted price!  Baby portrait, engagement picture, head shot- whatever you need, you can have a two hour session plus a CD of images for $300. Email her for more information at [email protected]


  1. Love it. Let me know if you want to do some pro bono interior design for a not-for-profit hospital’s audiology deparment. My office needs a facelift!

  2. Ok, when I read that she put a desk in her closet prior to seeing the pictures, I was a bit horrified to read she would take up space in a closet (I have a bit of an obsession with closet space) but it is soooo brilliant! I am beyond jealous of that little workspace. Great job!

  3. I’m so glad you shared the additional pictures! After reading your article yesterday I was left thirsting for more. :) My hubby lived in Beacon Hill for several years before we moved in together, and we both miss it. But, I definitely don’t miss driving around forever looking for a parking spot!

  4. what a great space – love the light and creation of space.
    where can i find similar/ the same LOVELY number pillows from photo #3?

  5. Fabulous! Do you happen to know the wall color in the living room? LOVING the black bookcases as well:)

  6. What a great place. Love the desk in the closet idea as well. Makes me miss beacon hill — I got to live there for one glorious year — my own private roof deck too. Sigh.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. Thank you soooooo much Erin for a beautifully written article. I am still blushing. Thought I would answer the quick questions on the paint colors and pillows.

    Living Room : Benjamin Moore London Fog (idea from reading that Erin’s entryway was BM London Fog!)
    Bedroom: BM Glass Slipper

    Pillows: old sails made into pillows I got at this little design/antique shop Providence Antiques in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta.

    Thanks again Erin.

  8. I picked up a copy of Stuff this morning on my way to work and was disappointed there weren’t more pictures! So happy you shared a picture of the desk. And that closet? I don’t believe that’s Beacon Hill! Closet space like that is unheard for most apartment renters, especially in BH!

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