Boho Chic Room to Outfit

I am currently blogging from Boca Grande, Florida- looking over the ocean as I write this! I felt inspired by summer clothing and rooms so I took one of my favorite images from Elle Decor that captures the feeling and turned it into an outfit for you.  Clothing and interiors are so closely connected, you can’t help but find inspiration in both!



  1. Love both the home and the clothes! I loved that Elle Decor issue…couldn’t even tear it up…kept it intact! Looking forward to duplicating the fun outfit!

  2. Love those pants, but I don’t think I’m quite tall enough to pull them off. Enjoy Florida! I’m glad you’re finally getting all the warm weather you’ve been seeking.

  3. What a sunny room and sunny outfit! I love the print/tapestry mounted in the room and the coordinating pants in your polyvore set. I feel like both require a strong, bold, free-spirited woman to pull them off. Love them!

  4. Boca… you’re not far from Miami. Come visit MIA.. I have a store for you in my area. I met David Bromstead there. He’s a cutie pie, and oh so sweet. LOVE YOUR BLOG. Wish I owned this outfit too.


  5. I live within an hour of Boca Grande. I know the island well. Be sure to visit The Palm On Park and its sister store Ariel. The Loose Caboose for lunch is great fun especially when the weather cooperates. And, of course, The Garparilla Inn and Beach Club–The grand dame of Southwest Florida. You might be staying there, and, if so, soak up the surroundings. Charming! If you’re not staying there it is worth a peek inside. I’m glad our weather is better for you today. Enjoy.

  6. What a great Boca-esque outfit. I wish I were down there instead of Boston (although it is somewhat nice today…54*!). And I really love that room as well – is that an office or a dining table? Either way, its’ absolutely perfect. I can totally imagine sitting down with a cup of fresh squeezed OJ and a good book.


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