Definition of Romance.

Walking the dogs just now I came across this sign posted on a light post on the street next to mine. As I read it, my eyes teared up a bit and I did the whole “clutch my hand to my heart and saw ‘awwwwww’ really loud” thing. I even said to the dogs “OMG, isn’t this is the most romantic thing EVER!!??” They responded by peeing on the light post. Typical dude behavior.

But it makes me feel hopeful– about love and life and people in general.  This kind of public declaration of adoration and desperate search for “the one that got away” is the kind of stuff you think only happens in the movies. Well, here’s the proof that it doesn’t- and that makes me smile from ear to ear like a total idiot.   To be found so enchanting that someone posts signs on your street in order to see you again? Are any of you NOT swooning right now? And if you ARE a dude- take note! This is the knee-buckling kind of romance that makes girls lose their MINDS.

Katie, whoever you are, I hope you see this, and I hope you call him.  Know that things like this don’t happen all the time and that there aren’t a bevy of men out there who would do something as sweet and romantic as this. And girl, if you don’t call him, I’m gonna bet about 100 Boston women reading this blog will. Including married ones (ahem!). :)

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  1. This is absolutely adorable! There really aren’t a lot of guys who would go to the trouble of posting signs everywhere…hope she calls him!

  2. UH…maybe you shoulda blacked out the ACTUAL phone number…LOL. Sam may not approve of a bunch of decor loving ladies giving him booty calls….ah Romance.

  3. when i saw this i forwarded it to 2 of my friends who both said the same thing… this is absolutely adorable if the guy is a prince charming lookalike…. on the flip side, he could turn out to be some creepy, weirdo stalker. ha, cynics! i prefer to look at it through my romance colored glasses.

  4. You think that this guy is so wonderful, and so to repay him you post his phone number on the Internet???
    This guy is going to hate you.

  5. And, because his voice mail will be full from all the crank callers, Katie’s call won’t get through to him.
    So Katie will hate you, too.

  6. Sean-
    I think it’s pretty rude to leave the kind of comments you just left considering this person posted their number all over a public street. However, I did just block it out.

  7. Sorry to hurt your feelings, Erin. If it were me, I would have wanted someone to point out to me the consequences of my actions on other people, so that’s why I posted. To each his or her own, I guess.

  8. I love it extra because I used to live on Orchard Street! Cuteness. I wish I knew Katie and could tell her.

  9. Wow! This is the serial killer stalker, and if Katie was interested she would of stuck around.

  10. So cute!!

    Sean, clearly this guy would appreciate any help getting his number to Katie. Rudeness…

  11. SWOON!

    How romantic. I hope that Katie felt a connection to Sam as well! I love it!

    A friend just sent along the engagement story of a mutual friend:
    He saw her in a coffee shop, they made eyes. He left. And then turned on his heels to ask her to brunch!

    (And my own lovely husband to be did something similar. We met at a party. He tracked down my number through mutual friends and asked me out!)

  12. Thank you Alrats!!! Jesus people, this is not normal behavior…and like Alrats said, if it were mutual this Katie would have found Sam instead of leaving.

    But judging by ALL the frakking comments, it may possibly pay to be a stalker – I will have to look into this…

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