Design Crush: Jessica Helgerson Design

I’m crushin’ a lot this week. Oh yes I am.  Jessica Helgerson has been on my radar for months and I just now realized I had yet to post about her!  Based in Portland, Oregon (a place I’ve never been and am dying to go to), this green designer has quite a talent for making modern spaces feel warm and traditional spaces feel modern. She and her husband, architect Yianni Doulis work on many top to bottom renovation projects together (so cute) and the results, as you can see, are pretty spectacular.

This first home is totally the kind of space I am CRAVING right now- clean lines, crisp white, modern yet with a hint of nature to it.  What I am especially loving is that it was a plain ol’ ranch style home that was made into a modern marvel.  While looking at real estate, I have been attracted to the open layouts of ranches, but am typically a traditional Georgian or Colonial style girl exterior wise. THis is one great example of how you can take a boring ranch and spice it up in a modern way.



What it looked like BEFORE:










A couple other spaces that made me jealous:






Picture 22

Picture 3

Picture 4

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  1. Love it all! Saving so many of these images for the inspiration files. Especially love the open floorplan of their ranch. And the white kitchen juxtaposed to the black dining room. Thanks for sharing this talent!


  2. Love all of these. I’m particularly fascinated by the tree in a bottle in the first two pics — what is that/how can I do it???

  3. Beautiful designs. By the way, I think you would love Portland – it’s the biggest small city. You don’t feel overwhelmed, but there is natural beauty and gorgeous shopping everywhere.

  4. I’m curious to know how long those branches would last, the ones in the green glass jugs. Any idea? Also, I just looked down at my outfit–grey pants with lime pinstripes, black button down and lime green cardigan. I match their house. =>

  5. Love it! I tried to connect to her website, but there seems to be an error? Bummer, would love to see more of her work.

  6. I love these, especially since I live in Portland, Oregon! You can come visit anytime… LOL!

  7. Gorgeous!!! So can you tell me anything about the rocking-lounger-thingy in the first photo? It’s looks awesome and like something I would never want to leave.


  8. Wow! What creative vision – especially when you see the ‘before’ pics!!

    Those first 2 pictures with the green branches are totally gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Design crush is RIGHT! Beautiful pictures! I love how she puts a splash of green in almost every setting. Now I be crushin’… xoRH

  10. So gorgeous! All my clients have pets and kids and won’t let me use any white furniture – these pictures have me DYING with envy!

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