Nursery Knockouts

I am sporting a slight tan and a VERY full inbox and to do list after almost a week away in Florida.  I spent the vacations amongst the babies and kids of my family and friends- I don’t think I ever realized how much GEAR is needed with kids! Like, an unholy amount of stuff to keep them fed, clean, happy and mobile. High fives to all you moms out there! That said, some of that gear can be pretty damn cute, as in the nursery designs of Rikshaw Design and Javis Davis.  A lot of you ask me for nursery decor ideas and these two sources are fabulous!

Rikshaw makes amazing, Indian inspired bedding and clothing that I simply adore. I cannot get enough of those elephant pillows.

prod_b_crib_c prod_j_crib_1

prod_u_crib_1 prod_l_crib

prod_b_elephant_1 prod_u_elephant_1

prod_taj_euro_grn prod_t_b_g

prod_clothing_bloomer prod_clothing_kurta

prod_j_bb_1 prod_kurta_taj_blue1

Javis Davis makes custom nursery decor, with crib sets starting at just 4250.  the bold patterns and modern styling is really fun and unique. plus, they makes custom kids bedding AND matching doll bedding for those who really want to spoil the little ones. :)








  1. I used Javis Davis when decorating my daughter’s room–not her crib, but bedding for a daybed. They were great to work with, no more expensive than buying from pottery barn, and the end product was beautiful. This was years ago, and they have even cuter fabrics to choose from now.

  2. wow – I just fell in LOVE with Rikshaw! Madeline does not need any more nursery items, but she does need at least one of all the clothing items. Thanks!

  3. LOVE the Rickshaw designs. I looked at Javis Davis (have had lots of friends use them) but I’m so plain! They didn’t have what I wanted to use. Boo. I’ve learned this past week that custom baby bedding costs a small fortune!

  4. I think those bloomers are some of the CUTEST I have ever seen!! I will absolutely be buying those for my friends. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Can Rickshaw please make adult clothing and bedding?! I love those prints –for a tunic, bedding, throw pillows.

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