Still Loving: Zig Zags

Some trends gets played out quickly and die a quick death. Others linger in such a way that the words “classic” and “timeless” begins to get inserted before them.  This is how I feel the zig zag is developing.  Super hot and trendy, but really a very easy to incorporate pattern into just about any space and one that doesn’t scream “2009! 2009!”.  Just think about Missoni. They’ve built a whole luxury brand on the zig zag! Plus, I just like saying zig zag.

A few favorite items and images for you to consider:

Handpainted ceramic lamps

blue_zigzag_2 black_zigzag_new

Bedding and pillows by Twinkle Living:

Picture 9 Picture 8

Mary McDonald certainly agrees with me:

Mary McDonald_Bathroom - PHOTO BY MIGUEL FLORES-VIANNA gasl_mary_mcdonald_02-734634

I love Alan Campbell’s Zig Zag from Quadrille- also seen on this darling Oomph table:

nurseryshades2 nSSrU-VVkNi-myPMy-tablelarge

GORGEOUS tiles from Popham Design:

zig2 zigzag

The ubiquitous Madeline Weinrib rug:

45-Zig-Zag-Red-&-White 238e7880dd02

How about making a modern quilt in a zig zag pattern a la A Quilt Is Nice or this crafty lady. I am adoring these for a little boys room!

zigzagquilt Zig zag quilt top

Have loved Schumacher’s Shockwave fabric for a long time

modern_Shock-Wave 54860

Loving these gift tags by Linda & Harriet too…

tags_grayzigzag3 tags_grayzigzag


  1. Love a zigzag, just modern enough to be a bright spot in a traditional space, but at the same time it is almost tribal/ikaty to be more traditional itself.

  2. Wow – is the Popham Design real or a hallucination?!? It’s beyond perfect!! I have a lamp from World Market that I’ve been wanting to paint a zig zag on, just haven’t figured out how to best tackle that project yet.


  3. I’ll never tire of zig zags — love the Emilia Ceramics lamps! I have the navy zig zag as a giant jar and it is GORGEOUS in person.

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