Take Me to Marakkesh

I am currently obsessing over all things Moroccan. Wait, let me correct myself- I’ve been obsessed with all things Moroccan for a LONG time now. Specifically anything located in or having to do with the magical Marrakesh.  I am absolutely dying to travel there and these two uber-luxurious hotels would be where I’d ideally lay my head (but I have a feeling they might be a *smidge* out of my price range) C’est la vie- I’d at least go for a cup pf mint tea!

Palais Rhoul is a seriously stylish mix of modern decor and traditional Moroccan style. I am quite enamored.

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Oh hello zig zag floors and striped walls with vintage paintings. I want to hug you.



marrakech2 palaisrhoul61





“Why yes, I WOULD like my room to look like a super sweet tent. Thank you.”


La Mamounia is the most famous hotel in Marrakesh, recently renovated and the host of one hell of a celebrity packed grand re-opening party. It looks incredibly opulent and full of incredible detail.

La-Mamounia mamounia2


Can you imagine this? A nice sunset picnic in the desert? Because I sure can!


tn_mamounia Picture 13

Picture 14 Picture 12

Picture 11 Picture 10


A fabulous detail of the pool- the bottom patterned like a Beni Ouarain carpet!  it’s one of my goals in life to own one of these bad boys.  I love how they go with any style decor and in any room. A must have.


moroccan-rug-03_rect540 moroccan-rug-01_rect540

Even Jenna’s got one- so you know it’s good.

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I also LOVED this Marrakesh themed spread in Bazaar last month (thanks Absinthrill for scanning- I had no patience this morning).  I adore the colors, layers and patterns shown here and the “looseness” of the styles- I plan to adapt this for spring!

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  1. The minute I saw the topic, I figured you must be mentioning the new SATC movie. You have to know that they filmed part of it there.

  2. I have been (4 years ago) and it is AMAZING! I was lucky to have a Moroccan friend that brought me to several parts of Morocco…this was by far my FAVORITE and safest for Americans…..it is GORGEOUS!

  3. I have no idea why :-), but looking at these photos made me want to watch Casablanca and crave honey roasted game hens with cous cous then wash my hands with rose petal water.

  4. i too am in love with and have a goal of owning a Beni Ouarain carpet!!! And of course love the stripes and zig zags always! Thanks for this post it took me on a little mini vacation just now.

  5. You always do such an amazing job of pulling together images. The Bazaar spread sent me over the top. If you go to Morocco, take me with you!

  6. I want to escape to there right now! These photos are amazing, really show off that oh-so-loved Morrocan vibe. I love the pages from Harpers Bazaar, I would love to go on a shopping trip through the Morrocan markets. So fun!

  7. erin, you know nate berkus has that jenna lyons rug on sale at hsn.com, at least it was there a month or so ago….I completely love it everytime I see it!!! great post, would love to go to morocco too!! it looks drop dead gorgeous and I bet the food is heavenly too!

  8. Erin, you read my mind! My husband and I just booked my 30th birthday trip to morocco at the end of May!! These pictures just got me over-the-moon excited!!

  9. Let’s go! My friend bought me a brown braided leather purse from Fez and it was the most gorgeous thing (more compliments than I can count). I wore it so much that it broke so when I saw her again last year there was the same purse in white sitting in her closet (unused) I hijacked it. I saw someone at Le Pain this Sunday with the same purse and I was too chicken to stalk her to see if she bought it in the states. REGRET!!!!! I would fly all the way from LA just for the purse alone…and you and gorgeous Morocco.

  10. Gorgeous. I love how there is so much attention to detail, yet at the same time it all looks totally effortless.

  11. While these gorgeous hotels might be on the pricy end, I went to Marrakesh while studying abroad in school and stayed in lovely hotel for less than I paid for hostels in Europe. Save your money for the markets!

  12. I’m completely gaga over Marrakech as well! Am definitely going within the next two years – preferrable with some girlfriends, so we ca check out all the amazing arcitecture and decor. LOVE this post, it makes me want to go even more!! My best friend in high school was from Marocco and has tons of great locations and places to see (non touristy sites)

  13. Amazing spread!! I am adding Morocco to my travel list!

    Also made me feel a little less guilty for partaking in some serious retail therapy the other day with 3 pairs of ridiculously gorgeous wedge sandals for spring/summer. I see my future full of wedges, rolled jeans, fabulous scarves, and a straw bag. :) Great inspriration!

  14. What a beautiful post. All images have great juxtapose of unique architectural elements, daring colors while maintaining intimacy. It is the perfect look for this time of a year :)

  15. It would be a very special opportunity to stay in a place like the La Mamounia. The patterns and elements are very classy but colorful at the same time. Is a very different style comparing it to hotels in America.

  16. Erin,
    Before booking in, you should have a look at the Riad Kniza. I stayed a year ago, and it was wonderful. Your photos brought back so many memories!


  17. Hello, I like your blog a lot. However, I haven’t managed to add it to my RSS feed, so I have to check each day, to see if you have any new posts up. Does anybody else have problems like this with their RSS feed?

  18. Holy smoke. Absolutely stunning. That faux tent room is to die for, ditto the tiled courtyard. By the way, you may not be aware of Twin Farms in Barnard Vermont, It was designed by Jed Johnson and has a cottage that is Moroccan inspired, with the tent-like thing going on. It (as well as all the spaces at Twin Farms) is amazing.

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