Boston Modern

If you’ve wandered the charming streets of Beacon Hill’s Charles Street you know not only is it an ideal place to live, but shop as well.  One  of my favorite home stores there is Koo de Kir– nestled off Charles just a bit it houses some fabulous designs as well as Kristine Irving’s design studio.  This past issue of New England Home showcased one of Kristine’s projects right in the same neighborhood as her shop.  I simply adore the mix of modern, antique and traditional in this space- and those huge living room windows left me drooling.






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  1. Oh I love the bubble chandelier over the dining table! I was at a bar for a wedding shower last week and it had several of that lighting fixture and I blogged about how much I love them! Then someone from Austria commented that it’s name is the Caboche and you can find it here:

    Just in case anyone else loves it as much as I do! Beautiful home. Love the buckles on the sides of the couches.


  2. So funny – I also read Alaina’s blog and was about to post that she had just talked about a chandelier just like that one. Lo and behold, she caught it before I could comment! :)

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