InteriorsApril 19, 2010

My New Home (for now)

After many tears, stressing, general freaking out and second guessing- we are moving. IN TWO WEEKS. Yep, two weeks. As stated in my previous confessional I am not so good with change. This is holding true for me this time around, which is no big surprise. We are leaving a spacious place outside the city for a smaller loft inside the city.  Owning to renting. Change indeed. All I knew making this decision was that I needed to stop making decisions based on what I THINK is going to happen and what I think I’ll want in a few years.  I barely even know what I want NOW so how can I possibly predict what I’ll want in the future or what will happen. What I do know is that living in the South End is on my list of things I want to do before I die, so the opportunity is here and I’m going to take it.  We don’t know if we want to be there a long time or only a short time and then buy a house so renting makes the most sense for us right now.  Its the first time in my life I’ve ever thought “this is what I want now and so I’m just going to do it without thinking too much”. It’s terrifying, but freeing at he same time.

There weren’t many options in the time frame we needed (i.e.”we need to move in, like, yesterday”) so instead of the dreamy brownstone of my fantasy we are moving into a more industrial space.  It’s very cool and has all the fancy amenities one could want and is across from a kick ass dog park, so trust me, I’m not complaining. It’s just so…different.  I’m trying to see it as an adventure and less of a serious, life changing event. It’s only for a year (that’s the plan at least) so I’m not going to put too much money into the space but I’m looking forward to a very different design challenge. 16′ ceilings leave LOTS of wall space to fill!  I’m thinking that in an effort to soothe myself after all this uprooting I’m going to make it very serene- perhaps even all neutrals and textures this time around.  I usually go crazy with color but I think I’ll take this opportunity to test out living in a light, bright, clean space with very little color.  A very exciting partnership I’ll announce later is going to help me with that too! So here it is- the space I’ll be calling home shortly….

The main space for living and dining- gas fireplace a big plus!


Looking towards the entry/kitchen/guest room:


Entry (which I’m going to paint with horizontal wide tone on tone stripes) and the kitchen:


Kitchen (great appliances, including wine fridge- v.v. important.)


Master bedroom and bathroom:


Quite excited about the full body shower heads and Carrera marble- confused by why there are two showers in here and the tiniest vanity ever. Not what I would have done spatially)


Guest room/ guest bath


Long skinny patio- will fill with planters and container gardens. Andrew will kill me for posting this pic of him caught of guard though.


Some inspiration images for the space:

Elegant neutral living room




Wish me luck! I cant wait to share the design process with you guys!

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