Unlikely Source: Home Decorators Collection

I have to always be on my toes looking for affordable decor sources other than IKEA and Target.  So no matter how bad the cover of a home decor catalog is I flip through it because you never know.  Home Decorators Collection used to be one of those that I quickly flipped through- saw lots of faux leather and 80’s patterns and would recycle.  But am I glad I kept flipping through because there are a few great things to be found in there!

The rug selection made my jaw drop a little- it’s gotten so much better and there are some really great ones!

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They’ve snuck in some really cool looking furniture on the cheap too!

This chair has vintage styling for $329 and this wingback has nailhead detail and is in a great color for $529.

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For $799 this sofa is a really cool shape and comes in a perfect chocolate brown.


These little tufted ottomans or x-benches (which you could easily recover) could be great anywhere for extra seating.

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My favorite metal bar stools and a GORGEOUS dining chair for $279.

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A couple great bookcases to consider.

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These would make very glam Hollywood Regency nightstands, and this mirrored chest adds a little chicness to any small corner.

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A great arch lamp that’s not too modern and a spindle floor lamp that looks totally on trend not to mention a perfect tripod surveyor lamp.

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And then you see stuff like this and nearly go blind from the ugliness. Hey, with all the good must come the bad, right?

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  1. I love this site, I ordered a rug for my kitchen from there. Did you know they have a homedecoratorsoutlet.com? I got two “X” night tables for less than $100!

  2. ps. they are owened by Home Depot. I had been looking for same lounge chairs for my deck and they were available at Home Depot but sold out (with a lower listed price) on Home Decorators, they were willing to match the sold out price!

  3. Nice finds! I received my HDC catalog in the mail just yesterday, and I immediately recycled it, since “there’s never anything good in there.” Guess I will have to dig it back out! Although you did miss the hippo ottomon as part of the “all ugly” section! :)

  4. Great post! I too typically just throw my HDC catalog in the recycling bin but wow…and then also wow to the “UGLY FURNITURE” section :)

  5. You just have to remember you are buying from home depot. Not that there is anything wrong with home depot, it’s just sometimes when they get their hands on things it’s not always a good thing.

  6. I was just browsing their stuff yesterday, too! They also had a pretty awesome swoop arm chair in a graphic textured white fabric that was pretty exciting. I missed those floor lamps–thanks for pointing them out! :)

    We got our seagrass rug from HDC because they were the only place who had a 12′ x 15′, and it was unbelievably inexpensive.

  7. too funny! glad you flipped through it for me because i just threw mine out yesterday, which was probably the first time i didn’t at least flip through it quickly… i was even thinking about requesting removal.. glad to see you found some cute stuff!

  8. Just one thing to know, if you order a piece of furniture, it will arrive in a box in a zillion pieces. So, if you’re not up for a big building project, you might want to pay a little extra elsewhere…

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