Attack of the Giant Foo Dogs!

I was in Target today looking for shower caddies (thrilling stuff) and wandered into the garden/patio section as I continue to dream up how to pimp out my new outdoor space with views of the Prudential Tower.  I turned down an aisle and had to steady myself when I saw THESE. Ginormous patio foo dogs!!!!! Like three feet tall! You know how I love me some foo dogs, and these were the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. I did not load them into my cart and skip to the checkout because I couldn’t tell if they were cheesy (not stone, but that faux resin stone) and at this scale perhaps too much foo? Plus eighty bones is a lot to part with for a giant foo dog made of plastic.

But I really wanted to get them simply because they exist. It seems like these might be something I’ll see on clearance in a week.



  1. I just saw them today – thought they were great! I am going to buy them once my husband goes out of town and spray paint them. I agree that the faux-stone was cheesy. LOVE your blog and am so happy that you were interested in them too – it makes me feel stylish!

  2. love these things but have a serious foo dog fetish. makes me wish i had a pool! i think the oversize-ness makes them seem ridiculous but that is what gives a home so humor.

  3. They’re kind of amazing … okay, okay, they’re incredible. Though, they might need to be painted a bold color. The faux stone hue isn’t so fabulous.

  4. Try painting them a bold color and lacquer. The faux stone needs to go. Otherwise, great!!

  5. Okay, but make sure you get one with a ball under it’s paw and one with a baby…they are suppose to be male/female pairs with the female having the baby under foot and the male having the ball. Those both look like they have a ball, but the ones behind may have the baby. I have some Jade ones from Hong Kong and the ball even rolls around under foot!

    Love my Foo Dogs :)

  6. i understand your conundrum erin..yes they are cheesy for sure..but maybe they could work if you laquer them..i can’t wait to see what you decide.

  7. I think that they might look kinda cool in the corner of a garden or on an urban patio or something… but they have to be in the right setting. And I agree with some of the other commenters- the faux stone is a little cheesy (I think it’s the faux stone rather than the size that makes them cheesy) – I would definitely add some glossy paint. Glossy white or red might be cool. And those will probably go on clearance like you said- $80 is pretty ridiculous, especially considering they’d need painting. Sometimes Target can really getcha!

  8. I’m hoping to find these on clearance in my South Shore Tarjay! And I agree with the comment above..definetly painted. I’d spray paint them turqoise and put them in my dining room! love foo dogs!

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