Domino? More Like Yahtzee!

I’ve been enamored of Sara Ruffin Costello for a while now- she of Domino creative director fame and this living room- probably the room most associated with her former employer:


Apparently I am ridiculously clueless because I had no idea her husband was my FAVORITE interiors/lifestyle photographer Paul Costello. As if the living room + clever husband wasn’t enough to conjure some lifestyle lust, I then find out their West Village home in on the market– the one with the kitchen that is featured in the Domino book…… for $13 million bucks! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I still find it baffling and amazing when couples in their mid-thirties own homes with price tags like that. I did the mortgage calculator on that sale price just to amuse myself- and even if you could scrounge up the $2.5 million down payment- your monthly mortgage payment would be about $60,000. Am I the only one whose mind is blown by that number?

Anywhoo- here is the home. My question is…if you lived here, why would you EVER want to leave?

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1177618_127721_l Wonder if they are selling it furnished? :)


  1. Wow! Thank you for posting this. They are such an amazing, creative couple and that house is insane! Now if only I could scrounge up $13 million.

    What is she doing these days? Any ideas?

  2. That is some crazy cash…but the house is a beauty. I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime!

  3. They certainly move alot. The Domino living room was in yet a previous apartment? loft? house? That will be 3 places already and it is really hard moving with children. Maybe they want to be the next 9 by Design.

  4. Saw that on Real Estalker a few days ago…the patterned drape room w/ bentwood table and chairs has long been a fave!

  5. Holy crap!! Seriously, how do people that age afford to live like that? I’m 25 and can’t imagine that I’ll be paying more than $800 bucks for a place to live in the next ten years, much less $60,000! That’s twice what I make a year! Certainly is nice to look at their home though.

  6. For $13mil that place better come furnished. Maybe it’s because I won’t be able to afford something like that in my lifetime, let alone make $13mil total in my lifetime, but I just don’t see how anyone can justify a $13mil pricetag on a home. It seems to me to be a little excessive and slightly indulgent.

  7. amazing property…. the reason why they want to move (perhaps)……. i think sometimes people who have so much just don’t know what to do with themselves…

  8. Why would you want to leave? Maybe because you can no longer afford your mortgage. Or maybe because after putting time and money into renovations, you’re ready to cash out your investment!

  9. For starters, no, I would never leave if this was my home. Second, a $60k monthly mortgage! It is such a ridiculous amount of money that I cannot even fathom it. It amazes me how people do this!

  10. OMG, I just wrote a post with that very first picture . I love the idea of a daybed in a living area and I am contemplating that thought for my family room. What a wonderful home, I agree why leave it looks so comfortable and inviting. Kathysue

  11. Sarah Ruffin comes from old Virginia money. Her family recently sold “Evelynton Plantation” She lived in Richmond and Evelynton in the summers, it is on the historic James River near Williamsburg, VA. The Ruffin’s were one of Virginia’s “First Families” – very wealthy land owners from the 17th century. Does this help?

  12. Dana – that is interesting… I wonder why the property is in Paul’s name, then, if she has all the money? Old money doesn’t often stick around. Young dilettantes often squander it.

    City assessor values the property at under $2m and the house under $6. Quite a markup they are asking. And it sold in 2003 for only $2.65….

    These kids are quite the capitalists. Good for them. I hope they get what they are asking for. (Not really, but that seems like the thing to say.)

  13. I don’t really have anything to add but I love the investigative work (and wit) behind HoeTown’s comment. Love it! Marija

  14. Hoetown- Maybe Paul comes from money too! I don’t know much about his pedigree….but hers is impressive!

  15. This doesn’t happen on a working person’s budget. There had to be something behind this, like Dana’s background information. I loved Domino, but it definitely had the Vogue feeling behind the scenes(connected, privileged women). While many thought it looked easy and attainable on the surface……a lot of money was needed to really “get the look”. I would suspect it took a lot of money to pull off each issue and the readership did not support the kind of advertising they needed to pull in.

  16. I think kbd hit it on the head – if a 13 million dollar house is even close to your realm of possibility, something tells me you’re paying cash and the monthly mortgage that is so baffling us (myself included!) is totally inconsequential. Would LOVE to see what they end up getting for this house. I mean it’s of course gorgeous and I would never ever leave if it were mine but $13M in a down real estate market is quite the stretch goal!

  17. “This doesn’t happen on a working person’s budget”

    Yes it can… I mean, if you consider the kind of work they do. I don’t think magazine ladies make a ton, but a successful photographer can. If they are making a combined $500k a year, then they could. And that is very possible.

    If they put 20% down, the mortgage would be around $12,400, or $148k a year. That would represent about 30% of their gross combined salary if my $500k is accurate.

    There is this idea of what “normal” people make, which makes this kind of money seem ridiculous to people, but there are tons of people who buy/own homes between $2 – $3m. It’s just not that unusual. What they are asking for now is pretty crazy, but a lot of people will overpay (foolishly) to have something that is “done” – – especially when it was done by a hipster creative couple. Instant design cred.

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