Moved In!

DSC_0093 copy (Bax and Ollie are pretty confused…but I think the killer dog park across the street will help them adjust!)

I am totally, completely exhausted after moving this weekend- but I’m happy to report we are in and I LOVE IT.  It’s a big difference moving from an old home to a modern loft space.  I was in tears on Sunday morning walking the dogs around Jamaica Pond one last time and fearing that I would miss it so much.  And while I will, I realize that we can go back there anytime we want- it’s only a 15-20 minute drive- but now I am living in the center of all the action and that makes my life SO much easier and enjoyable.  I’m a 15 minute walk from my studio and a two to five minute walk from all the amazing restaurants and shopping in the South End and under 10 minutes to Newbury Street! Last night we went out our back door and sat on the patio at Rocca to toast our new life. It felt great!

But there is MUCH work to be done before this place feel finished and like a home. One thing I am so exited about is getting to use this amazing trunk I found at TJ Maxx as a coffee table (our buyers bought our living room furniture).  I found this huge piece at TJ’s in Connecticut near my mom and dad’s house for $140! it’s wrapped in a grass cloth like texture and blinged out with nail heads! LOVE! We’re getting a new sectional, new throw pillows and some floor to ceiling sheers for the big windows but other than that I’m going to make do by arranging art and accessories we already have.  It is a rental after all!

DSC_0096 copy

I found the perfect spot for that faux imperial trellis rug in the kitchen!

DSC_0099 copy

The bedroom is one of the rooms I may paint– I am seriously considering painting the wall behind my bed black (cue happy dance).  I think it could look really dramatic with my silver starburst mirror hung above the bed and some pops of color in pillows on the bed (and new lamps, and awesome drapes, and a new rug, recover the bench….)  The best news?  America Express has asked me to partner with them to show card members how to use rewards points to improve the home- so they are giving me 300,000 points to makeover my bedroom! Did you know you can use points to get giftcards to Crate and Barrel, WS Home, Pottery Barn and West Elm? I didn’t! I’ll be posting about the transformation and experience in the next few weeks and I am beyond excited and honored to work with them on this!

Here’s the bedroom now with our bed moved in!

DSC_0104 copy

Off to get some work done and run some errands for the house! And then I may collapse!


  1. Looking good! You could do a wall of black fabric behind your bed, shirred and hung from wire and clips. You’d get the look without the 4 coats of primer and paint. Plus, it would be a lot easier to switch up when you wanted a change.

  2. Congrats! I am insanely jealous of your new loft-y location. I would love to try living in a space like that for a change because it couldn’t be more different than where I am now (suburbia)- there is so much you can do in a loft that just doesn’t seem to convey the same vibe when done in a house. So until (or IF) I ever get that opportunity I’ll have to live vicariously through you. Btw, your two fur-babies in the first pic are so adorable! ☺

  3. Beautiful apartment – can’t wait to see your updates on it. The pic of your living room has officially convinced me to move my sofa away from the wall :)

  4. congratulations on the new place! i use my amex for EVERYTHING and then turn in the points for gift cards to pb, rh, etc. it’s fantastic! pam

  5. Erin, after all your worries and stress, the new place looks amazing and like its been lived in for awhile! Enjoy the new digs, and can’t wait to see how you transform all your existing pieces into new looks! Congrats!

  6. Congrats on the big move! You’re gonna love S. End living, and I’m looking forward to your posts about how you’ll decorate the rental.

    I’m hosting a giveaway today in honor of the SATC movie premier! Stop by to check it out.

  7. I cannot believe you just moved this weekend and your apartment already looks THIS amazing!! I know someone already asked above, but where did you get the side table in your living room?

  8. What an amazing place, Erin – I am having apartment envy in the biggest way, and am wondering how it looks so amazing after about two seconds of being there, compared to my place which I’ve been in over 3 years and which isn’t a patch on this. It’s given me a big motivation to get stuck into the little details. Hope you love the new home.

  9. Looks great! Its funny – I also live in the South End, and my folks live in CT. When I go home I go to the gigantic TJMaxx/Home Goods in Wethersfield. I haven’t found it’s equivalent in MA.

    Hope all is well!

  10. There is something chaotic and fun about the first week in a new place. It seems like every picture that is hung or book that is added to a bookcase fills the place in. I never get too excited about curtains except when I am in a new place and something about them just cozies it up. All the best on your city adventure. BTW, LOVE the LR rug. Is it Nate Berkus?

  11. The place looks great already. How fun! Can’t wait to see it after you put your decorating touch on it. The floors are amazing! Congrats!

  12. the new digs look great! am tres j about the amex points. love the points. just don’t be tempted to shop clothes with em. good luck being disciplined…will they know?

  13. Definitely paint the wall black! I did it in my office and it makes me smile every day!! LOVE the coffee table trunk and that is so amazing about the Amex points! My mom just bought fabric from Pottery Barn to reupholster two chairs using her points. They’re pretty great.

    Glad you like the new place!


  14. What bookcase is that behind the sofa? It looks as though it may be from Ikea. Love the whole place, it looks great!

  15. I love it! Your living room and kitchen look great- can I ask where you got the throw pillows in your bedroom?

  16. I love your living room, and I’m so impressed at how nice it already looks considering you have just moved in! Good luck unpacking, and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  17. Loving the new home – you two got a lot of moving in done this weekend – very impressive. I think that wall behind your bed in the master will look amazing painted black!

  18. Wow–things are really shaping up! Congrats on the move and hope you can really enjoy the new location. Good luck with everything but get some relaxation time in, too!

  19. Thanks so much guys! So glad you like it! The side table is from Target and was $20 like a year ago! A genius buy for someone who is DYING for a Saarinen tulip table! :) The pillows on the bed are from one of our sponsors! I am deliriously happy living here, so I appreciate your compliments!

  20. Aw, congrats – looks lovely! I live in an old (well, WW2 era) townhouse and often consider what it would be like to move into the city in a loft space (I’m 15 minutes outside DC). And I think/wonder how much I’d miss the old character of my neighborhood and house… but then i think how fun a loft/modern space would be too!

    Lucky you, getting to try both:)

  21. Ooh, I love your new space! It looks so bright and open! I’m totally jealous of your hardwood floors AND the fact that you have TJMaxx and those other good stores near you! Not much like that here in Hawaii! Have fun setting up your new place!

  22. Cute! Where did you get the tulip table? It is exactly what I’ve been looking for – perfect size!

  23. looks great! kitchen + imperial trellis = fantastic! and your idea for black in the bedroom sounds wonderfully dramatic :)

  24. If you are recovering the bench what will you be doing with its fabulous current fabric?? I have admired that bench for sooo long!

  25. dying to know about the bench at the foot of your bed in the bedroom. did you reupholster that yourself? if so, where did you find that fabric?! and if you bought it, can you tell me where? i am having serious bench envy!! love what you’ve done with your rental. it’s inspiring me to do some new things with my rental.

  26. Dying. It’s all so cute. I love chevron rugs.. um yes PLEASE paint your wall black in your bedroom. You won’t regret it!! (Then post pics of course.)


  27. Erin – first of all congrats on your lovely new life in the thick of it all. Secondly, thank you so much for that last picture of your bedroom with the mirror on the floor at the foot of the bed. I feel like so much less of a schlub… it may seem a bit of a backhanded compliment, but a lady as together as yourself showing a moment of un-togetherness is very sweet of you to do. I cannot wait to see your newly decked out digs. God Bless!

  28. Beautiful space in such a short amount of time! I love the green pillows on the sofa – can you share where you found them?

  29. wow – looks so finished already. i say go for the black behind the bed! i painted a wall in my kitchen black and love it. looking forward to seeing how things progress!

  30. Lovely! I just picked up a little 2′ x 3″ rug with that same trellis pattern from TJMaxx to throw in a little hallway.

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