Need Weekend Plans?

If you are a Beantown resident there are a couple great design events this weekend you wont want to miss. Trust me, I’m a blogger (I need to make a t-shirt that says that).

The first is the Urban Showhouse at 44 Bradford Street in my new ‘hood of the South End (yee haw!).  I went to the opening party and it is fantastic! The home itself is for sale, and that fact did depress me a bit since I don’t have $2 million bucks to pony up for it, but the renovation and rooms designed by a smattering of fabulous interior designers is inspirational and pure eye candy even for us financially challenged folks. I particularly loved the Jonathan Adler kitchen/dining/den area ont he bottom floor that leads out to a private patio garden!









If you are of the suburban set (or a city dweller with a car) head out to the Natick Collection for Boldfacer’s pop up store featuring my studio mates Jennifer Hill and Jill Rosenwald.  Perhaps you saw Jill’s pottery in this month’s InStyle? I was reading the issue on the place back from Georgia and when I saw her pieces I may have scared fellow passengers by letting out a little yelp! Loving the new line!

Picture 1 Picture 16

Picture 15

Picture 14 Picture 12


  1. This home is stunning! I agree the downstairs and sitting area are my favorite. So light, bright and happy. Love!

  2. I literally gasped when I saw those pictures. That house– especially the way they styled it– is gorgeous! Love love love the blue zebra rug and lime green bamboo chairs especially!

  3. wooo erin thanks for the nod on the pop up store! will you visit us?
    the showhouse is amazing, but i am thinking that the jonathan room is did he pay for this? it is as though they lifted up his store and dumped out all the contents into that room..regardless, the little ikat-ish blue and white slipper chairs are killing me..can you do me a favesies and get me a pair?

  4. I’m a new reader to your blog… I surfed in a few days ago and spent the following days looking through your archives. Amazing! Looking forward to being a faithful follower =)

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