New Place Update

I am so excited to make my first purchase this week from American Express Membership Rewards! I am using 25,000 points to get a Pottery Barn gift card for $250 so I can get  gorgeous long white cotton drapes for my master bedroom. I’ll be installing them on ceiling tracks to give the room serious drama and a spa-like ethereal feel.  This weekend I made an attempt at painting the wall behind the bed black- bought the paint, Martha Stewart’s Florence from Home Depot, a pretty deep, deep charcoal- but never got to painting it. I will by the end of the week!  I did however, get to IKEA and bought this GINORMOUS print of the Eiffel Tower to hang on a large blank wall next to the bed! It’s like waking up in Paris every morning (and last night I got in bed early and watched “Paris” and “Amelie” and relished in all things Parisian!)


Where the drapes will go:


The drapes I selected- affordable thick cotton from Pottery Barn:


I also hung my gallery wall this weekend and think it loks pretty good for having eyeballed it and having no plan beforehand!


Fresh peonies from the market on the table make me deliriously happy…


My bar completed:


Oliver wanted to say hello as well…


Another vignette from the house:



  1. thanks for sharing! you new place is gorgeous. loving the fabrics draped on the bench at the foot of your bed, and PEONIES are the BEST!

  2. I see you won one of the John Derian plates in the drawing at Lekker a couple of weeks ago… In a rare moment of luck, so did I! Doesn’t it remind you of a ransom note? He’s the greatest.

  3. Your wall looks fabulous for just eye-balling it! A little tip for some great, classic,and inexpensive clothes is SEARS! They now carry Lands End. We went in to look at an appliance, and I came out with lots of navy and white!

  4. Omg, it is downright creepy reading your blog sometimes because we have a lot in common! I just hung those same PB Cameron drapes (the 96 inchers) in my guest room and LOVE LOVE them. They are so nice and thick. I also have been smelling and swooning over my gorgeous pink peonies on my kitchen island all weekend long!! I would love to see how you end up installing those drapes- and are you doing anything for light control in the transom part of that window since it’s a bedroom? I have that issue with an arch transom in my guest room and those white drapes don’t block much light. I’m going to try blackout liners hanging behind, short of installing blinds in the transom (which I don’t want to do).
    oh, and P.S., I’d say you’re pretty good at eyeballing, because the gallery wall looks great!

  5. Lovely to read your new place update, Erin. I have had my eye on that Paris canvas from Ikea for sometime now and have to say that it looks great in your place! I wish we had Pottery Barn in the UK, so much of their stuff rocks my world. Excuse for a trip to the States? I think so!

  6. You are right, Erin…. the best gallery walls are hung randomly, just start in the middle and work out, more charming somehow, less anal. Peonies, so lovely always, sad when they are done blooming. Easiest plant to grow as well for when you have a garden. Eiffel Tower print great idea, would really pop on a painted color wall. Bar and bookshelf vignettes…so attractive. Enjoy your new home!

  7. Sounds great! Can’t wait to see it all done up.

    My friend recently had a bridal shower (theme: Showers in Paris) and had that IKEA print propped behind the head table. Really added to the decor.

  8. Looking good!!! I adore the Eiffel Tower print – as we’re going in a month (with kids). Come on over to see what I’m posting about that. I definitely took tips from your trip and hope to have some great photos to share next month. Also, adore peonies. One of my favorite flowers – mine are starting to bloom!

  9. Your place is looking amazing! Pottery Barn curtains are my #1 favorite. The quality is amazing and I’ve purchased quite a few not so nice ones so I would know :)

  10. Great job! I especially love the art wall! Great mix of pieces and I like that you mixed different shapes. Well done!

  11. I have that Ikea Eiffel Tower too and I love how graphic it is! And it really IS ginormous (your ceilings must be very high!) – I originally bought mine to hang in my kitchen when we had a loft with high ceilings, but since moving into a home with regular sized walls I had a tough time finding just the right spot for it :) It is now serving as the ‘head board’ in our guest bedroom.

    Love seeing how your place comes together!

  12. I am so inspired by your style. I am influenced by so much that I often feel like I am loosing what I am “going for” in my rooms and that they are becoming a mishmash. Your style is what I want to achieve. It appears so effortless, and yet we all know what goes into vignettes like that. BTW I love the dark schumacher fabric you’re considering for the bench, it will look incredible.

  13. Your place looks great!!! I have pillows in the gray Schumacher fabric and the pink LaFiorentina is a long time favorite! Can’t wait to see it all put together.

  14. Erin – it all looks great! I’m so impressed how fast you are really turning that place into a home. I also spied some la fiorentina (my absolutel favorite!)

  15. Looks great! I’m fascinated to see how your style has evolved from your old place to your new place. I loved your old place, but your new place is great, too — and definitely reflects a lot of the inspiration photos you’ve been posting here in recent months.

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