What I’m Wearing: Casual Springtime

I totally hate this pic of me sans makeup, but I’m not about to put on any airs for you guys- there are days I can’t really get it all together (or even wash my hair). But I do love denim + white jeans and Jill said I looked cute so I trusted her. :)

erinA Denim shirt-2010- Banana Republic

White Jeans-2009- Seven for All Mankind

Bag-2009-J.Crew (given to me as a bridesmaids gift)

Scarf- 2009- Ann Taylor Loft (love the bright orange ikat-ish print)

Bracelet-2008- H&M- I think it was like $2.00 but the colors are FAB.

Coin Hoop Earrings-2010-Forever 21-also about $2.00!


Necklaces- I never really take these off since they all represent something important to me:

-Diamond from my mom’s first engagement ring from my dad that she gave me for my 30th birthday- I had it reset into a necklace.

-Om pendant from my favorite Satya Jewelry. I *heart* yoga.

-Charm from Andrew’s grandmother’s charm bracelet with his name and birth date on it that I received after she passed away.


  1. You are absolutely stunning…I am such a lucky guy…if this is you at your “worst” then…well…come home soon. :)

  2. You are too cute and lookin’ really good! I really love the white with denim and pop of orange. I really appreciate you letting us know all your info. on where you bought everything. So helpful. Hope you don’t mind all the “clones” that will be walking around in those clothes…they are fantastic!

    So much fun to stop by and see what you are wearing!


  3. DId your mother upgrade her ring as time went by? I have two female relatives who did two different things. Both women had engagment rings that were super-tiny, but that was their reality at the time

    As time when on, they had substantial funds for newer jewelry. One relative purchased a whole new ring, using the older stone in a pendent. One relative chose to keep her engagement as is because of emotional/sentimental reason.

    Just curious about what people do.

  4. Wish I looked so good sans makeup! White jeans,great looking outfit. Thanks for sharing,I lookforward to your “fashion fridays”

  5. I am loving these new Friday posts. Please keep them coming. Hello? I can’t even tell if you have make up or not because you look beautiful. You have great style and I get so many great ideas and inspiration from reading your blog!

  6. of course i have a million things to comment on..but first..hubs is the CUTEST! he is right..you look great. second..the cheapo accessories are fabby..in person they certainly did not read trashy..girl you do know how to work it. oh and 3rd..the repeated hits of coral and gold in your look def make it!

  7. Hilary- My mom has had three rings- all progressively bigger! :) She kept all the previous ones though- so I have the first, she put the second one in a necklace for herself and the third is on her finger!

  8. Very cute and casual. Have to get back to Target to look at their shoes. I was just reading about an Ann Taylor dress that sold out in 2 days and is already on Ebay. Would look good on your slender frame:

    “You’ve seen its picture in the window, but that may be the only place you’ll see Ann Taylor’s Vintage Floral Sheath Dress.

    The sleeveless sheath, seen now on Milla Jovovich in the chain’s window displays, and on Hilary Rhoda (left), has sold out in New York stores in a record two days.

    What’s more, 11 of these dresses have turned up on eBay, where bidders have pumped the $198 retail price to up over $200, with one dress already at $300 — and there’s another day of bidding left!”


  9. I am loving this new Friday series. You have great style in home design and fashion. Thanks for sharing. I love the outfit and love the jewelry pieces. I am getting back into my yellow gold pieces. I was wondering what your wedding rings are in terms of color gold. I have platinum and am wondering how to work it all together with the yellow gold. Maybe a piece that is yellow and white to tie it in.

  10. Ditto that your hubby is darn adorable with his comments! And also, I love this friday outfit thing! I wish I was so brave as to post pics sans makeup…but I guess if I still looked fabulous like you I would! Great outfit…

  11. If you didn’t seem so nice I would totally hate you for looking so great without makeup.
    Your outfit is fab by the way. :)

  12. You seriously are not wearing ANY eye make-up in that photo?! Good lord, I’d be able to sleep an extra ten minutes every morning and I’d never wear any!

  13. I love to see pics of what you’re wearing and I would be even better if you could put some more than once a week !

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