FashionMay 14, 2010

What I’m Wearing: Ooops.

This should be called “when stylists make mistakes”…. after seeing this photo I promptly lit my skirt on FIRE. Way too short! Yikes! How did I not realize this? Anyways, just goes to show ya even if you’re in the biz, there can be oversights! I still like the blazer/ short denim skirt combo, just a little more PG-13 than R rated in length maybe. :)

I really cannot believe I am posting this- but I didn’t shoot any other outfits this week!


This sexy mama was the inspiration for this outfit- from The Sartorialist book. How does she pull it off so well? Is it the boots? The long tan legs? Or just the Italian genetics?


Hair- dirty and side braided thanks to a late night out + sweating in morning yoga. Ick.

Navy pinstripe schoolboy blazer- J.Crew sale rack- 2010- major score for like 70% off original price!

Denim skirt- apparently from children’s section.  Gap sale rack in 2008.

Ribbed tank- Old Navy

Belt- 2000 (seriously)- Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes- 2009- cork wedges- Lord & Taylor

Necklace- vintage coin from hubby’s grandmother

Bracelet- 2008- J.Crew

Bag- Fossil, bought in 2009 for trip to Paris *heart*

Beauty side note: Am all about really bright red-orange polish for toes this summer- I’m currently rockin’ Revlon’s Red Hot Tamale, but Essie’s Geranium is good too.

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