Baking it Pretty

I have always loved to bake.  There is something so soothing, meditative and mood-lifting about whipping together sugar and flour to craft sweets that will no doubt make someone else smile (or to treat myself with).  I’m happy to let someone else cook a meal (acting as excellent and entertaining company in the kitchen)  but when it comes to baking, I want to roll up my sleeves myself and get to it.  My brothers claim I know how to bake cookies to the precise perfect goo-iness and I delight in the careful smoothing of frosting on a cake or the saccharine repetition of decorating cupcakes. Its not difficult to connect baking and decorating, as both are such visual, creative endeavors.  So when I saw these Imperial Trellis cupcake wrappers on the amazing site Bake It Pretty I was over the moon!

morocco-green-lg morocco-pink-lg morroco-blue-lg

Then I started looking around and found all these fabulous designer cupcake wrappers sure to please the baker/design junkie.

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PE-pink-stripe-lg newbwstripedpartycup300

I have always said that in my next life I want to own a small bakery.  I know I’m romanticizing it, but it just sounds like such a lovely, charming way to spend your days. Baking goods, serving coffee (my other favorite thing), engaging with customers, maintaining a shop….. especially if the shop looked like this one- Enjoy Cupcakes in California.  It’s as if someone peered into my head and built the exact bakery I would design for myself. I am completely enchanted!!!




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As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a vintage “cupcake trailer” which can be brought to events, weddings and other outdoor events. Read their blog if you want to make yourself completely drool over their incredible creations.




(Enjoy Cupcake images via Design*Sponge)


  1. I love to bake but am getting tired of the regular old cupcake wrappers. The Bake it Pretty website is just what I needed to see — thanks!

  2. OMG that site is so fabulous! Thank you for sharing! I just had to buy some of those designer cups for a friend who loves to bake!

  3. Killer cupcakes served out of an Airstream has been THE thing in Austin the last few years – it’s a perfect, sweet trip. I’d seen the Bake it Pretty website, but not the trellis wrappers – Really? Could they BE any more precious? I have a B-day coming up. Hmmm…. ;)

  4. The cupcake trailer is just too much! Love it. You know, you hit it on the head early on — cooking is an art form not dissimilar from fashion design or interior design. It”s about creativity and presentation.

  5. wow – that Enjoy Cupcake shop kinda trips me out – the photos are just so amazing. Also have been looking for cupcake wrappers forever, about time someone came up with an alternative to the plain old wrappers.

  6. Really fabulous, of course I love all of the color and designs!

    Your images reminded me that I am having a designer Pillow Giveaway on my site. Come and join in!

    Art by Karena

  7. I have been obsessing over Enjoy Cupcakes for over a year now since I first saw the beautiful image of their shop and the chandelier! Love their little RV as well.

    Those cupcake wrappers are adorable – they will look great at any dessert bar/table!

  8. thank you for killing me slowly …. I LOVE your blog and your amazing writing but this is so evil … hate-love battle begins :)

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