Bedding: Bold or Serene?

When it comes to bedding I am historically unable to make a decision.  It’s a fantastic application for prints, pattern and bold color (which I love) but it’s also a great place to keep things simple, crisp and serene. I absolutely love the lowered-blood-pressure-inducing ensemble of a white duvet with subtle embroidered frame border and a couple of great pillows- however- if you have dogs that sleep in bed with you (ahem!) things don’t stay crisp and clean for long.  I’ve been through probably 5 white duvet covers in the last couple years for this reason and a certain someone in this house has said I am not allowed to “try one more time”…. or am I? :)

What’s your preference- bold bedding or simple clean whites?


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I ask this question because I am trying to pick bedding for my bedroom.  I have kind of fallen in love with this one by Dwell Studio (amazing agazinst my black wall) but am concerned about busyness.  With the bench done in a light blue small pattern or even a solid velvet , tall  gourd lamps and my fab white and black embroidered shams it could be amazing!



  1. Ummm. GO FOR IT!!! I love dwell and a LOVE LOVE peacocks!

    I know you will style it in a way that is not as busy as the pic!!!

  2. I’m also obsessed with this bedding. I’m having a hard time picking this grey/blue or the marigold/navy!!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. As for crisp white or color, color. I can never keep the white crisp and color is soo much fun. Xo

  3. I tend to go solid.. but i think it would be a nice change to do a print.. and, if you get tired of the print pull the other duvet out of the closet!
    Cant wait to see the finished product!

  4. Colored duvets and sheets always fade when washed, no matter the quality. When our childrens printed duvets are laundered, every other sham or case in the same print must be laundered at the same time or it becomes obvious that one is more faded than the other.

    All white beds and towels remain fresh and clean with just a little bleach or stain spray every so often. We have used all white on our bed for years. Just add color with a long bolster pillow instead of multiple throw pillows which husbands seem to despise. I am rather lazy about fluffing king size duvets so by using a beautiful white matelasse coverlet over the sheets and folding the duvet-less white down comforter at the end of the bed, bed making is much faster in the morning. Much easier to make the bed without the shaking and straightening a duvet requires.

    Buy the dogs a beautiful bed of their own and train them to sleep on it next to the bed, You will probably get a better night’s sleep as well. Dogs can be retrained if the whole family is consistent with the training. Reward them with treats when they stay in the bed and in the morning when they make it through the night.

    I love how your bed looks with the monogrammed shams. How about a chair in your bedroom with a bold statement print that is chosen at the same time as a new fabric for the bench?

  5. After struggling with the same decisions this time last year I went for the pattern and couldn’t be happier. The walls are elephant grey and the bed is backed by a white nail trimmed headboard (and turqouise lamps, which was inspired by one of your posts :). I thought this was enough ‘serene’ to do an orange and white trellis duvet and I think it works. I think my happiness with the scheme that I get whenever I walk into the bedroom at night more than makes up for the old white duvet settup. I love love the dwell pattern and I think against that black wall w/ the white curtains it will really shine. Can’t wait to see what you decide!!

  6. Love, Love, Love the Sarah Richardson Green/Black/White bedroom. I have been obsessed since I first saw it about a year ago. I am unsure where to start but the velvet headboard seems to be the best place.

  7. I like serene bedding in the room I sleep in (master) but want to have some fun in the guest bedroom! I have white and light grey in the master bedroom and have plans to get the Dwell peacock in yellow for the guestroom.
    Great Pictures and love the blog!

  8. I am all about bold bedding. It cheers me up when I am dragging myself out of bed in the a.m.

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