Bedroom Update!


That’s right….COLETTE. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that I have been lusting after the Crate & Barrel Colette bed for years.  I have had dreams about her, gone to the store to stare at/ lie on her and freak out every time she’s featured in a movie (which is ridiculously often).  And thanks to the amazing folks at American Express, she is now MINE!  Using a big chunk of the points I was awarded I ordered up Crate & Barrel gift cards (so easy- they came the next day) and ran down the the Boylston Street store.  Now, as my yoga teachings have reminded me, I am not supposed to be attached to material things.  But I have to say, the moment I got to say “I’d like to order the Colette bed”, I was freaking my freak. I joked with my girlfriend that I was going to send out birth announcements about it I was so excited, hence the above. :) And here she is…


Baxter and Oliver clearly love to model for you guys.

We also used some points to get West Elm gift cards for this great shag rug (which is like having a new pet with the amount it sheds), the Pottery Barn window treatments which we installed last night and these GORGEOUS black embroidered Greek key shams from William Sonoma Home. Seriously, if you guys have Am Ex Reward Points, think about using them for home stuff! I never would have before this (always just flights) but now I know how easy it is!


Oh the detail….LOOOOOOOVE. Especially against the black wall!


The window treatments look so serene and truly change to mood of the room. My awesome window treatment lady Paula from PMK Designs was kind enough to donate her time sew on the hardware and help us install them.


I used a small amount of points to order this fabulous new glass and chrome hardware for the bedside tables from Restoration Hardware.  I am pondering painting these tables glossy white with deep grey accents on the drawers, but as is they do go nicely with the headboard as well.  What do you think? Like I’ve said before, I can decorate other people’s spaces, but not my own!


The last decision is about bedding and the bench fabric (which I’m changing).  And then the room will be done!  Tune in next week for the finale and a great giveaway courtesy of American Express!

Not part of my Am Ex sponsored makeover are the sheers we installed in our main living space. They are ethereal and subtle yet dramatic in person. Love them!

DSC_0120 DSC_0118


  1. I must live in the Twilight Zone, Martha Stewart Florence doesn’t exist in Tx. There is a Francesca and a Silhouette. I have asked around and hit dead ends. Any suggestions?

  2. Love the bed – I must admit when I first saw the little announcement I thought you were having a baby – silly me! As soon as I saw Colette I knew better!

    Looks great!

  3. I absolutely love how that headboard looks- especially against the black wall. I way it pops against the dark color really makes it look amazing! I agree- I like the fabric on the bench. However, dont take it personally, but I think the bench is too small for the end of the bed. If it were me, I’d paint the side tables a glossy white, and then order the Room and Board portico bench with the silver legs and the cream colored leather top to put at the end of your end. Now, you might think thats a little pricey, but if you live anywhere near Minneapolis or know anyone in the area, there is an AMAZING outlet here where I got that bench for almost half off! Totally worth checking out!

  4. I LOVE that bed!!! I too have loved it for years now! I’m having a baby girl in a few months, and the nursery is large enough for a queen bed and a crib. I’m considering the Colette bed for her room. I love how you worked it in your room!

  5. I got my first American Express card about a month ago because of the reward points. Since my husband and I just bought and moved into our first house, I charged EVERYTHING to rack up points that we can use towards gift cards to Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, etc. We need so many things like a lawnmower, flowers, a new outdoor light, and accessories to decorate our upgrade from a 500 square foot 1 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom 2 story home.

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