EOS Phrase of the Day: “Shirt Mullet”

Friday night my pal Matt and his buddies came over for cocktails on the roof deck and while we were busy mixing and popping corks he exclaimed something along the lines of: “Don’t you love my shirt mullet?”  I nearly spit out my drink (which was something with St. Germain in it, since I now add it to every cocktail I make) in laughter. The new trend of tucking in the front of your shirt and leaving the back long does indeed look like a mullet!  It’s my new favorite phrase ever! I even made him pose to illustrate said shirt mullet:


Try using it in a sentence today. No one said you wouldn’t learn something from reading this blog!


  1. That is so great! Omg! I still love the shirt mullet! I mean come on sometimes I am guilty of still doing it. My husband thinks its cute..I can’t help it…

  2. The phrase is hilarious… and I desperately want to see pics of how you styled a large, open living space.
    And I am so guilty of shirt-mulleting. Is it a verb?

  3. The perfect word to describe it! I’m in love with St. Germaine as well and use it in everything. Have you tried a splash of it with grapefruit juice and vodka? OR my favorite is part sparkling wine, part hendricks gin and st. germaine to finish. YUMMY

  4. Oh yes, I made a drink that night with grapefruit, fresh lime and vodka! Will ahve to try it with Hendricks- my other fave! Thanks for the tip!

  5. OMG I love this term!!! I live in M’ssippi and every guy does that…now I won’t be able to keep a straight face when I see a tail of a shirt peeking from behind…

  6. I, too, have been known to shirt mullet. Come on, I’m from the South where we tuck everything in. But sometimes I’m feeling a little rebellious and when that mood hits, it’s time for the ole “S.M.” I can’t wait to pass your teachings on to JJ. He’ll die!

  7. that’s pretty good! my husband does it because he has allergic reactions to the metal = rivets on the inside of pants, the top of his belt buckle. my son inherited that skin condition, but he’s only 4. he still gets to wear elastic waistbands. i guess in 20 years or so, my husband will be wearing elastic waistbands – hee!

  8. Ummm, is it bad that I always do that when I am wearing a t-shirt and cute belt? who wouldn’t want to show off the belt.

    Cmon mikey, you know you want to do it with that fancy Bally belt :)

  9. Ofcourse Shirt Mulleting is a verb, How else do you pimp your well matched belt with sexy jeans?

  10. Fashionable belt in the front, party in the back :) Not sure I can create any more fashion terminology better than “shirt mullet”.

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