Fashion Friday: An Education in Style

Last week I finally rented “An Education”.  An interesting film, for sure, but I was too creeped out by Peter Saarsgard’s character to believe he could charm the pants off of everyone the way he did. However, I was ridiculously impressed and enamored with the fashion! As I’ve always said, I love all different styles, including the proper and tailored looks of the 1950’s and 60’s. I think I would have fared well in that era…



Of course I adore the animal print (and the fact that they coordinated!



This dress was so unique and dramatic- it looked absolutely stunning on Carey!


Helen looks SO Jackie O!


I loved the apartment shown below as well!


an education2

This outfit worn by Rosamund Pike (Helen) in her first scene is out of this world- the fur shrug, the red dress and the necklace all blew my mind and made me wish I lived in another era.


The red dress was part of an exhibit at the ArcLight Cinema, in fact!

An education movie costume display

An education movie outfits

Some looks inspired by the film:

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  1. I love these looks! Great choices!

    PS -When’s the “What I’m Wearing” feature returning?

  2. I loved this movie (Carey Mulligan’s performance was incredible) but mostly I LOVED the fashions – I want to dress like this everyday.

  3. I LOVED this movie – such a wonderful coming of age story – its really timeless.

    You captured the outfits beautifully!

    You should totally do a fashion friday for mad men when the new season comes out!!!!

    LOVE IT!

  4. Just saw it too! Near Nabokov in its uncomfortable goodness! The wardrobes were fantastic – she had an especially nice pair of pointy toed flats in one scene that were like good Kate Spade in the 90s. Trying to track them down!

    Have you seen A Simple Man? Also supposed to be great.

  5. fabulous film… i recommend it! loved the aesthetic more than anything – the fashion, the interiors, the photography, the music…

  6. The fashions were as exceptional as the performances. The white dress with the red feature, was so original in it’s simplicity. Absolutely stunning.

    P.S. Rosamund Pike would look good in a dish rag.

  7. Oh, I totally agree, amazing fashion, creeeeepy dude! Ug, I was soo creeped out by him. By the way, LOVE the bedroom, love, love , love the greek key shams!!!

  8. I saw the movie a couple of weeks back -really loved it. And Helen’s necklace in that first scene was really out of this world!

  9. The fashion in this movie was bang on, but I totally agree that Peter was just a bit too creepy — I mean you KNEW it was all going to end badly (you just didn’t know how). Maybe if he were a smidge younger? A smidge less…greasy?

  10. I saw this at kendall when it first came out and was absolutely IN LOVE!!! The accents, the clothes, her witty comments it was all so well put together! After your post I need to see it again…..I think this would be one to buy and keep!

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