UncategorizedJune 24, 2010

Sponsor Welcome: Spacify

Spacify is one of the newest sponsors to support EOS and I am giddy over some of their offerings- specifically:

These gorgeous rugs in fresh stripes– I absolutely adore them!

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

This sleek and simple dining table:

Picture 6

This modern stone and glass dining table:

Picture 7

A classic, perfect sofa for a reasonable price:

Picture 8

A great tufted option (I am currently totally digging this style):

Picture 10

A great reproduction Barcelona chair and the killer Van der Rohe daybed (covet both of these!):

Picture 11
Picture 12

Some really fabulous bathtubs, both modern and vintage inspired:

Picture 13
Picture 14

These woven pieces would be great on a sun porch:

Picture 15
Picture 16

This striped art print and set of trellis prints:

Picture 17
Picture 18

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